Senator Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma), a conservative stalwart, donated $250 to Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia). This is troubling news that could potentially hurt Republicans down-ticket in West Virginia.

Senator Joe Manchin is a moderate Democrat from West Virginia. He is potentially vulnerable for the following reasons:

1) PRO-LIFERS OPPOSE JOE MANCHIN: During the 2010 elections, then-Governor Joe Manchin was endorsed by the West Virginia Right to Life. While I had reservations about their endorsement, I knew that Joe Manchin had served as a pro-life governor. But after betraying his pro-life principles, they have retracted their endorsement from him for the 2012 election.

2) PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Joe Manchin is so scared of showing up with President Obama that he won’t attend the Democrat  National Convention.

Also, remember that during the Democrat West Virginia primary, President Obama lost 33% to a felon from Texas:


How will Joe Manchin win unless Republicans break from the GOP? How will he win if pro-lifers (who are a majority in West Virginia) don’t vote for him? What about the governor’s race where Bill Maloney has a chance to win over Democrat Governor Tomblin? If Joe Manchin wins, Tomblin will likely win. Tom Coburn is wrong to donate to Joe Manchin.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Senator Tom Coburn and have a huge respect for him. But this $250 donation is just plain wrong. In Wisconsin, Rep. Mark Neumann isattacking fellow Republican Eric Hovde for donating to Governor Doyle (D). I don’t think that any conservative should donate to an Obama-supporting Democrat. PERIOD!

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