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Kerry Bentivolio is the real deal. We need him in congress. Rand Paul needs him. Conservatives cannot afford to lose this seat. We are likely going to take a seat from RINO Geoff Davis and give it to conservative Thomas Massie. We are likely going to take a seat from liberal Mike Ross and give it to conservative Tom Cotton. We are likely going to take a seat from RINO Kay Bailey Hutchison and give it to conservative Ted Cruz.

Friends, can we take this seat from the RINOs and give it to a conservative? Kerry Bentivolio has the endorsements of Freedomworks for America and Gun Owners of America.

Here are the endorsement links:

Freedomworks for America:


Gun Owners of America:

I know that some people have expressed concerns over Kerry’s support for Ron Paul, but this is really a non-issue. What IS an issue is the possibility of giving this seat to a tax-raising liberal Republican.  Also, look at the two different representatives who endorsed the two different candidates: 

Congressman Mike Rogers endorsed Nancy Cassis: Heritage Action gives Mike Rogers a 54%. At my school, 54% is failing.

Compare that to Congressman Justin Amash who endorsed Kerry Bentivolio: Heritage Action gave Justin Amash a 90%. At my school, that’s an A-.

Here’s the scorecard:

The question is clear: Do you want another failing GOPer or do you want a conservative who you may disagree with sometimes, but will side with you 90% of the time.