Review his record below, and then post yes or no. I know it is a hypothetical, but would you be willing to support him if he were the only candidate challenging Graham?

I think it is a real question. In this article, rumors are that State Senator Tom Davis plans to challenge Senator Lindsey Graham (RINO-South Carolina):



“Not so with state Sen. Tom Davis, a Beaufort Republican, real estate lawyer and onetime top aide to former Gov. Mark Sanford.

Word on the street is that Davis actively is contemplating a 2014 run against Graham. More than a dozen GOP leaders and activists interviewed for this story said they are aware of Davis’ interest.

At a recent annual convention of the Conservative Political Action Committee in Washington, a S.C. political operative with close ties to Davis, granted anonymity in order to speak candidly, put the odds at “better than 50-50” that Davis will challenge Graham.

Asked about that prospect, Davis responded: “I haven’t really given it any thought.”

Then, he quickly corrected himself.

“That’s not fair. Obviously, as a politician, you look at the opportunities that might lie ahead.”

While saying he is focused on getting re-elected to his state Senate seat in the fall, Davis added, “I haven’t ruled anything out, and I haven’t ruled anything in.”

Let me tell you all a little about State Senator Tom Davis (R):

1) He is a fiscal conservative Republican. He proudly holds a 100% (A+) from the South Carolina Club for Growth:



Analyze the votes they scored here:

2) He is pro-life. He co-sponsored the Personhood Bill of South Carolina (S. 450) earning him praise from the South Carolina Right to Life.

3) He  endorsed Governor Nikki Haley when she faced three other pro-stimulus Republicans (as Senator Demint puts it in his book: “The Great Awakening”).

Nikk Haley has great respect for Tom Davis:


4) Tom Davis was called ” a rising star”. He is very fond of the Tea Party: