Ron Johnson ‏@Ron4Senate
Congrats to Gov. Thompson on a hard won victory tonight. Look forward to helping him win in November.
Mark Neumann ‏@Neumann4WI
Thank you to all of our supporters around Wisconsin. Please keep up the fight and do all you can to help @TommyForWI win in November.
 Eric Hovde  7 hours ago
The fight is not over. Too much is at risk.

So many of you worked tirelessly for us. I’ll never forget your commitment. Now it’s time to move forward and work just as hard for Tommy Thompson. The future of our nation is too important to let Tammy Baldwin become a US Senator. The economic fate of our nation is at stake and I humbly ask you to throw your full support behind Tommy Thompson.

Conservative Friends,


I won’t be endorsing Tommy Thompson for Senate. Endorsing and supporting are two different things. He doesn’t meet my 80% enthusiasm rate, so I can’t endorse him. But I CAN AND WILL SUPPORT him just as I support all the GOP nominees (at different enthusiasm rates though). But all Wisconsinites must do the right thing and work hard to get him elected this November 2012!

Tammy Baldwin would be a disaster as senator. How big of a disaster? Consider the following facts:

  • She was rated Wisconsin’s Most Liberal Congressional Member in the last 30 years. (Source: Political Scientists Poole and Rosenthal)
  • She received the “honor” of being America’s #1 Most Liberal Congresswoman in 2010 (Source: National Journal)
  • She voted for Obamacare (and she’s never going to vote to repeal it).
  • She has received consecutive 100% ratings from Planned Parenthood and NARAL.
  • She has a lifetime rating from the Club for Growth of 3% and got a 9% this year. Consider that Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has a lifetime rating of 4%…that should tell you how liberal Ms. Baldwin is.

And the list of her liberal habits and ways go on and on. If she is allowed into the senate, she will not be a voice for any independents, moderates, conservatives, and she will only listen to her liberal friends.
With Tommy Thompson…we have a chance:

  • During his tenure as governor, he tackled welfare reform. He fought to require that those on welfare had to look for a job.
  •  In 1990, Tommy created the nation’s first private school choice program.
  • Tommy Thompson has signed the Repeal Obamacare Pledge:
  • He has been endorsed by the Wisconsin Right to Life:
  • “In fact, Tommy used his veto pen a record 1,900 times to slash more than $287 million in spending. “

With Tommy Thompson, conservatives have a chance. With Tammy Baldwin, we have no chance. This November, Wisconsinites must send Tommy Thompson to be the next senator from Wisconsin. Do we have our differences with him? Yes. But our differences are more with Tammy Baldwin who will be a follower of Harry Reid’s Road to Prosperity…and his road will drive our country over the cliff. Tommy Thompson will never be a disciple of Harry Reid. That’s the difference. Vote Tommy Thompson this November.

On to Victory this November, Spoa Steph