First, I have a small bone to pick with Sarah Palin. All that enthusiasm over her selection, which I share., has taken attention away from The One’s performance in Denver on Thursday evening. Obama was da bomb- but not in a good way.

The chattering classes have seriously overestimated Obama’s skills based on his 2004 speech, which was an emotionally energetic, uplifting one. His Denver speech started off on a bad note because of the overblown classical decor and the ridiculous background, which looked like it came from a Japanese restaurant.

The fatal flaw in the Obama persona shone forth as he emphasized irreconcileable themes: his effort to unite the country and his whiney, partisan attacks on Republicans and John McCain. He declamed about his determination to get Bin Laden and immediately followed up with a denunciation of all the internal security measures we have taken to avoid another 9/11. He proclaimed his determination not to overspend by using a line item veto which he must know a Democratic Congress will never give him. And yet he rattled off a laundry list of objectives that will require a tremendous amount of new spending.

It all reminded me of Gore’s “I will fight for you” theme, which this time sounded even stranger given the “unity” theme that was embedded in the speech. Methinks that perhaps Obama hit the sake bottle a little too oftern. Which is probably a mercy, because content-wise, the whole production reeked of sushi going a little, well, off.

The speech was especially remarkable for the cascade of “I’s” dotting the rhetorical landscape. Indeed, the Obama-Biden team is poised to become notorious for the rhetorical style that can best be summarized as “legalistic gasbag”. Contrast that with the spunky succinctness of John McCain and Sarah Palin, and one gets VERY hopeful about the GOP ticket’s prospects this November!

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