Braddock At The Monongahela

    Braddock At The Monongahela

      July 9, 1755. After an epic march of 43 days covering over 100 miles across the heart of the Appalachians, a mixed force of British regulars and colonial militia were closing in on Fort Duquense, a French stronghold at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers. This operation was part of an elaborate three-pronged offensive designed to secure the American frontier from French | Read More »

    I Dissent

    For the past couple of days I’ve been ashamed and disappointed that RedState has decided to enter into the feeding frenzy over the Confederate flag (note: the flag in question is actually the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, but for sake of brevity I will refer to it as the Confederate flag) and have cooperated in tying that flag to the shootings | Read More »

    SF Archbishop stuns diocese by revealing he’s Catholic

    SF Archbishop stuns diocese by revealing he's Catholic

    San Francisco Archbishop Savatore Cordileone has stunned his archdiocese by revealing he is, in fact, Catholic. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone faced hundreds of teachers from four Catholic high schools Friday for the first time since announcing his intent to include morality clauses in their handbook and labor contract, but did little to ease the anger and fear associated with the new language, teachers said. A teacher | Read More »

    Defending Senator @KellyAyotte

    New Hampshire Senater Kelly Ayotte is taking a mixture of heat and good natured ribbing over her not only sponsoring the Sunscreen Innovation Act but bragging about its passage on Twitter.   Glad POTUS has signed Sunscreen Innovation Act, which I cosponsored. Law will help ensure Americans have access 2 best quality sunscreen. — Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) 29% (@KellyAyotte) December 1, 2014 | Read More »

    Former DC Mayor Marion Berry dead at 78

    There are those who say you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead and if you don’t have anything good to say to say nothing. That is not the RedState way. Former DC Mayor Marion Barry has died. The best possible legacy for the man is to forget him as soon as possible. Barry burst upon the scene a classic race baiter in the tradition of | Read More »

    October 7, 1571. The Battle of Lepanto. Christendom Saved.

    October 7, 1571. The Battle of Lepanto. Christendom Saved.

    Today we look at the weak, fragmented, corrupt, and thoroughly benighted Islamic world with contempt… and a small amount of fear. That was not always the case. From the eight century A.D. the Islamic world held the whip hand in what is now the Mediterranean basin, suffering only occasional setbacks, like the Battle of Tours, while conquering the historically Christian populations of North Africa, the Levant, | Read More »

    Minimum wage and losing at life

    Erick has taken some heat over comments he made while guest hosting the Rush Limbaugh Show on Thursday on the subject of minimum wage (see Failing at Life for more context but a sample of the critiques are here, here, etc). I think Erick is mostly right on the issue. My family comes from Appalachia. Both my father and grandfather quit school at age thirteen to | Read More »

    Obama’s strategy for defeating ISIS

    The secret weapon we have that will enable us to defeat ISIS: — Alan (@TheRetiredDoc) September 2, 2014

    David Gregory out at Meet the Press

    NBC has announced David Gregory has been replaced on Meet the Press by Chuck Todd. Yawn.

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    My first decade on Red State

    Toward the end of July 2004 I saw a brief note in James Taranto’s “Best of the Web” column that a new conservative site, called RedState, was open for business. I had recently been banned from another conservative blog because I was a little too adept at and smug about irritating the moderators and was looking for a new home and decided to give RedState | Read More »