On April 24, 1980 our nation suffered one of the most humiliating military debacles in its history. The event, itself, was brought on by a series of turf battles, miscalculations, and garden variety incompetence. The event is less important than the zeitgeist.

America, at the time, was held in disdain by its president, a self-important little man of overweening ambition and meager talents who was inherently hostile to America’s interests and the idea of American exceptionalism. Our allies were neglected. Our enemies were relentlessly sucked up to. We were in disrepute with friend and foe alike; either an uncertain friend or a toothless tiger. At home our economy was in shambles. Our military was denigrated and underfunded. We were told our best days were behind us.

I don’t believe history follows direct parallels but for all our sakes I hope Obama takes up carpentry. Soon.

Consider this an open thread.