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    King Obama – Lord of the waters

    King Obama - Lord of the waters

      Apparently, Obama really does consider himself the king of America. On Wednesday, his highness decreed himself lord of the waters as he claimed dominion over all of the nation’s streams, creeks, rills, ditches, books, rivulets, burns, tributaries, cricks, wetlands–probably the puddle in your driveway–in a sweeping move meant to assert his unilateral federal authority. Using the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of | Read More »

    Jeb Bush: worst of the worst for 2016

    Jeb Bush: worst of the worst for 2016

    Believe it or not, we are only 18 months away from the 2016 presidential election — assuming that Obama doesn’t issue an Executive Order declaring himself king and cancel it — and the electorate is beginning to see just how little the Washington establishment has to offer from the so-called front-runners in both parties. According to a just released George Washington University Battleground Poll, Americans | Read More »

    John McCain’s “Mini-Me” ready to run for president

    John McCain's "Mini-Me" ready to run for president

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) 55%, who can usually found around the Capitol playing the role of “Mini-Me” to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) 73%‘s “Dr. Evil,” says he’s “98.6 percent sure” that he will seek the Republican nomination for president. Like McCain before him, Graham is a member of the Gutless On Principles (GOP) Hall of Shame. He is considered | Read More »

    Will Baltimore riots usher in Obama’s Gestapo?

    Will Baltimore riots usher in Obama's Gestapo?

    In a radio interview a few days ago, I was asked by the host to share my feelings about the happenings in Baltimore. Of course, I expressed my concerns over the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody. I expressed how we needed to give the system time to investigate what happened and, if appropriate, punish those responsible. However, I also shared my concern | Read More »

    Obama’s executive amnesty creates millions of new Democrat voters

    Obama's executive amnesty creates millions of new Democrat voters

    When those on the right questioned the motivation behind Obama’s executive amnesty, specifically that its primary objective was to stack the deck with millions of new Democrat voters just in time for the 2016 elections, the left responded with accusations of racism and prejudice. Now comes evidence that perhaps those concerns aren’t entirely unwarranted. According to J. Christian Adams, a former Department of Justice attorney | Read More »

    Gay Mafia whacks another victim

    Gay Mafia whacks another victim

    Following the uproar over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that passed in Indiana—and was subsequently retracted—I wrote a piece about a group that Bill Maher once referred to as the “Gay Mafia.” In that piece, we learned about the hit man tactics used by homosexual-extremists to snuff-out anyone who opposed their radical agenda, especially when that objection was based on religious freedom. A few days | Read More »

    Rep. Jared Polis wants to outlaw “so-called” religious freedom

    Rep. Jared Polis wants to outlaw "so-called" religious freedom

    After radical homosexuals succeeded in using mafia-styled intimidation tactics against the Republican cowards in Indiana following passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, forcing them to reverse the law while providing special rights for homosexuals, the gay mob kicked the machine into overdrive. And, just like a true organized crime family, the gay mafia have a few politicians in their back pockets doing their bidding. | Read More »

    Illegals and ISIS: Two for the price of one

    Illegals and ISIS: Two for the price of one

    Do you remember when the State Department’s Marie Harf educated those of us too stupid to understand her “nuanced” comments on the subject, that the reason ISIS had become a group of murdering terrorist thugs was due to the lack of job opportunities? Do you recall how Obama often uses similar language whenever he tries to justify his unconstitutional executive amnesty for millions of illegal | Read More »

    RINO Bob Corker delivers for Obama on Iran nuke deal

    RINO Bob Corker delivers for Obama on Iran nuke deal

    It was just last week that I wrote about the stupidity on display by the Obama administration in their nuclear discussions with Iran that essentially guarantees that the rogue nation will have a nuclear weapon in the very near future. In that piece, I also mentioned how RINO WIMP Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) 45% of Tennessee, after a meeting with Obama, would | Read More »

    What moves Obama more? Murdered Christians or sexual deviants?

      All over the world, Christians are being murdered by followers of radical Islam just because of their faith. Meanwhile, here in America, a sexually confused teenager committed suicide by walking in front of a semi-truck. Both tragic stories, but do you know which one “moved” Obama the most? A petition on the White House website that garnered more than 120,000 signatures, well above the | Read More »

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