All right after being encouraged to help get out the vote by Mark Levin, and to make calls by AceOfSpadesHQ, and seeing this 40+ year old video of John Wayne and Ronald Reagan talking about the importance of get out the vote calls, I finally looked into helping.

Wasn’t born until the last year of his presidency, so I know nothing of the Reagan administration first hand, but that man has incredible convincing power.

Today you can do it from home, the Romney offices act as a relay that hides you phone number and make it unlikely, if not impossible, to get long distance charges. So if you have voted and want to help from a red state, go to to sign up.

I hate phones, and talking to people without seeing their faces, even when I know them. This isn’t easy for me, but Romney, and America, need my help. I have already made calls for several hours today.