Virginia’s conservative bloggers have had enough.

The Jeffersoniad Blog Alliance has issued a letter to Republican Party of Virginia chairman Pat Mullins demanding that the WaPo’s Laura Vozzella — who wrote a bizarre article attempting to link Republican U.S. Senate nominee George Allen with a judicial appointment — have her press credentials to the Republican National Convention revoked:

082112_Letter to Pat Mullins_FINAL

Vozzella is no stranger to controversy. During her tenure at the Baltimore Sun, the caustic Vozzella didn’t exactly win Miss Congeniality awards:

In the column, Vozzella thanks State Del. Jill Carter “for lying about your age in Baltimore magazine’s ‘Top Singles’ issue, cussing me out and not paying your water bill for two years.”

Carter responded, tweeting “Bye-bye troll! @LVozzella U 1st insinuated I was elected ‘looks’ Ur selective jabs got pettier& meaner. #goodriddance”. I think a word is missing there, but you get the point.

But Carter wasn’t done, tweeting again a few minutes later: “@LVozzella #goodriddance PS This isn’t curse out: ‘U’ve never written a word about my work,leg,or pol challenges&u now call re:effn age bs'”

On her last day, Vozzella is entitled to air whatever beefs/grievances she has with anyone—if not now, when? And in her new job, she’s going to be based in Richmond, covering Virginia, so it’s unlikely any of her flame-throwing will come back to haunt her there.


Of course, the Washington Post’s frequent blasting of Republican candidates and elected officials hasn’t gone unnoticed within the Virginia blogosphere, with conservative bloggers constantly pushing back against the newspaper’s liberal media bias.  Now that Vozzella — which has a log rap sheet over at Newsbusters — has feathered a new nest over at the WaPo’s Richmond bureau, the marriage couldn’t have been more convenient.

…which is all the more reason why the Republican Party of Virginia has a duty to give Vozzella the boot.

At some point in time, Republicans are going to have to make the distinction between journalists, reporters, and partisan hacks.

So long as the Washington Post pretends to draft objective journalism while spouting Tim Kaine and DSCC talking points, conservatives ought not to be content to just call them out on it.  We need to invite them to leave — post haste.

It’s about time the MSM got its hand smacked.  Should Vozzella remain, it’ll be a clear sign to conservative bloggers that while Republicans in Virginia may offer nods to independent media, we should just be calmly told that the expected beatings from the Washington Post will continue until morale… improves?

Not exactly a bargaining position I’d like to suffer through.