I posted the news story about the UK woman who had to deliver her baby on the street because the ambulance wouldn’t pick her up on my Facebook page.  A healthcare debate ensued.  The last post is below and I wanted to share for grins:

“I’m starting to think that conservatives are the biggest p$%^@s on the planet, because their thoughts are guided by fear. It was the post 9-11 fear that kept George W. Bush in office to screw up our country to levels that we may never recover from.  Now the conservatives are fear-mongering on the health care, making people afraid of change that is clearly designed to improve the current state of affairs.

I’m not saying the new system will solve everything, but our current state is lousy, and stands to be improved.  Its a shame that so many people are afraid to make improvements because they fear change.

I’m done discussing health care with those who are moral cowards.  Waste of my time.”

When you get a response like this does it mean you won the argument?  If so, is it a knockout or TKO?  Do all arguments with a liberal have to end with an ad hominem argument?  Is this the Saul Alinsky effect?