How many ways can this news story offend me?

1.  Why does it take the President of the United States to grant gay couples the right to visit each other in the hospital?  What part of the Constitution comes close to regulating this?  How did we get to a place in government where this order could be issued without scorn and mockery?  Why is the Federal Chief Executive getting involved in local hospitals?

2.  Why would federal policy govern visitation?  Why don’t hospitals have the right to dictate who gets to visit?  What dog does the Feds have in the debate whether I want my dogs to visit me on my deathbed?  Shouldn’t the hospital and the hospital alone make these decisions?  Good grief!  What would work in San Francisco may or may not work in Peoria or Tallahassee or Montpelier.  Let them sort it out!

In the end, this imperial pronouncement from Dear Leader makes me sick.  We need politicians elected for the sole purpose of taking away their powers and sending them back where they belong: to the states, or the people themselves.