One of the biggest misconceptions in politics and in life is that if I am against a certain belief you hold, I must be against you as a person. This could not be further from the truth.

In these dire times, we as conservatives must remain solid in our attempt to remove each and every liberal commie in our government. We have a heck of a job in front of us, and voting out liberals is actually the easiest part of our job. We have to vote them out first, then work overtime to repair the damage done by these anti american democrats.

But when it comes to side issues such as same sex marriage, abortions, stem cell research, etc, do we, the majority in the party, need to pander to the minority just to keep peace or to not lose a few votes we may have at the current moment? Well lets look at that question for just a sec.

Abortion was crammed down our throats, at the expense of 40 plus million babies and counting, by activist judges. Now it is called a constitutional right even though the constitution says in order for an ammendment to be added to that great piece, 2/3 of the states must ratify. A vast majority of republicans are against abortion on demand, yet there remains a small portion of people claiming to belong to the party and even who claim conservatism that want no change to the current abortion law and some even want it to be taken further such as allowing partial birth abortion. Do we need to pander to these folks or tame our voices just so we do not alienate a few?

Same sex marriage is yet another issue. Poll after poll has shown the a vast majority of this country, repub and dem alike, do not want same sex marriage to be allowed. Within the republican party, it is almost a unanimous amount who do not want same sex marriage allowed. Those of us who follow Christ, as a general rule, are strongly against same sex marriage. Do we need to drop our contention to this just to appease or not alienate a few within our party?

The answer is easy and simple. No, we do not need to set our convictions to the side to solidify the party, in fact we need to make sure our beliefs and convictions remain strong and front -n- center as the damage we have seen over the last 10 years comes from our party not being willing to stand for what is right. We pandered to just about everything, and now we are paying the price.

My being against these things does not mean I dislike any people who think differently, it means my convictions are more important to me than your approval or freindship. My stance against these things does not mean I feel superior to you or that my sins are not as great as yours, it means that I recognize my shortcoming and are not willing to allow myself to add one more to the long list by not being strong in my faith and convictions.

I want to work with all those who are true conservatives to bring real change to this country. But if the only way you will stand with the party and with me is if I drop my contention to these and other issues, then I am sorry, we will not work together. If it means you leave the party and take your support to the other side, then you were never with us in the first place and you were never a true conservative. I am no better than you, I simply am a person who believes certain things are right, certain things are wrong, and these do not change no matter the year on the calender.

We have seen in this country where compromise of values has taken us too. Rampant immorality, 1 in 5 teen girls have had or have a sexually transmitted disease, rampant teen pregnancy, rampant crime, rampant drug use and alcohol abuse…….the list goes on. We have websites in this country that proclaim a desire for child love ( another name for child molestation) and for the freedom to do it, we have websites that openly and proudly display animal/human sex and they also ask for the freedom to do it legally and nothing is done about it. They make the same arguments for legalization that pro same sex marriage people do and they make the same claims of discrimination as the same sex marriage folks make. There are many times the porn sites than their are non porn sites, and it gets worse day by day. We have this because for so many years we allowed others to dictate to us what our convictions should be, and now we pay the price. Well no more, the line has been drawn, do not ask or expect us to shut up, and if you do not like it, as much as I hate to say it, do not let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!