Ok so he wasn’t and I am sorry for using an inflamatory title just to get you in here reading, but I am sure you have heard Jesus called this by many on the left. So since you are here lets briefly look at their argument and where they are wrong.

Jesus stood against the Roman Empire so he must have been a progressive. Wrong. In fact Christ had no interest in the Roman government or its way of life. He stated many times let Rome be Rome or I did not come to change Rome (paraphrased) and his only mission was the saving of souls. Now if Christ did not in any way try to influence Rome or change Rome, this example would not really define him as a progressive…right? If anything, this would put him in the conservative world. We do not want to change our way of government or overthrow it, we want it to stay the way it was designed so that our way of life and our freedoms remain intact.

Progressives desire new laws and new respect due to a new year and a new time. Again they will use Jesus as an example of changing law to fit the times and new desires of their Godless souls, but they only want to use certain sections of the Bible and twist it to fit their agenda. They try to use the fact Jesus rebelled against the religious leaders of the time in some situations. They refer to such passages as the healing on the Sabbath ones, the gathering of food by the disciples on the Sabbath ones, and of course their favorite, when Jesus stopped the stoning of the prostitute when he said “Let him who has not sinned, cast the first stone.” But here is the problem with their argument, Christ did not change the law, he changed the way we get to heaven through his death. But he clearly stated the old laws were still the new laws and in fact he made them tougher. One example of this was when he said the law says that to commit adultery is a sin, but I say to simply lust in your heart after another, you have already committed adultery. Every single law that was given to Moses was not thrown out due to the changing times, it was made even tougher. Not very progressive of him wouldn’t you say?

I will not make this a sermon as this is not the forum. My point was simply this: Progressives want to think they are the enlightened of our society and want you to buy into it. They will try to equate themselves as being the same as Jesus, yet they fail to make the connection and also fail to comprehend that everything Jesus was about, they are against. The reality of this matter is that Jesus was not political, and if he were here today, he would not join a political party as it was not his mission and still is not his mission. But if Christ was to be assigned a party, he would be by far a conservative. He would not condone the progressive movement and would most likely speak out against what they do. He was our saviour who spent his life serving the poor, which by the way republicans/conservatives outgive, by a tremendous percent, the left when it comes to charity, healing the sick, preaching to the lost, and then dying for our sin. He was no where near what anyone would call a progressive but was by any definition, an extreme conservative. Not a politcal conservative, simply a by the book, laws and moral do not change with the times, strengthen the law conservative.

The Progressives goal is to change our way of life to the point everything that was is no more. They have no issue with lying or trying to make themselves look the part of a saviour. They will do their best to shine a positive light on their destructive behaviour and will exploit and twist obscure verses to prove their point. Christian or not, we have to stand against their rampant lies, destruction, and their saviour claims.We have to recognize who they are and how dangerous they are to our lives and our freedoms. We must never buy into their absurd claims and stand against them at all times.

The greatest lie the devil ever achieved was convincing so many he did not excist. We must recognize he does excist and is very much alive and well disguised as the progressive party.