He does not want realizing you how bad the economy is!


David Axlerod, top political advisor to President Obama is laughing at you tonight.  Mr. Axlerod is the strategy guy for the White House.  He is the one at the 5:30 AM Monday morning meeting who sets the weekly agenda for the news cycle discourse.  He is the one who tells the President to serve suds when he puts his foot in his mouth over Professor Gates.

Now Axlerod is quite pleased that you are all worked up over the President’s nonexistent health reform plan or this week, health insurance reform plan.  He wants you at your Congressman’s face yelling.  He wants all these fireworks and with the two poles squaring off over this issue.  Why?

It takes attention away from how bad the economy is!


Let us look at some of the highlights of the Bureau of Labor Statistics report for July!

Since December of 2007 when Congressional control switched to the DEMS we have lost 6.5 million jobs.

The number of people unemployed for 27 weeks or more rose by 584,000 in July to 5 million!

The number of people working part-time involuntarily remained little changed in 2009 at 8.8 million!

The number of people who gave up looking for work in July was 796,000!

So when you go to your town meetings with the members of Congress, you may want to ask this question,

Why are you talking about healthcare reform when so many people are hurting now?