Not an original title, but one that sums up my feelings about Mitt Romney, and a sentiment that I think aptly sums up his now famous statement regarding the 47%. Why do I love it? Because it is how I feel, as a taxpayer, and an American citizen. I am one who believes in the necessity of a social safety for those truly in need, but rejects the entitlement culture that permeates so much of our great country. Here was Mitt, off script, off prompter, not being coached or managed by a polished beltway insider consultant. In short, we got a glimpse of the real Mitt here. I for one, like what I see. If it were appropriate to make sweeping judgments based on one statement, I would say that Mitt really is a conservative. I love it!

Yet I have to temper the enthusiasm with the hate side of the equation. I of course don’t hate that Mitt said what he said about the 47%, but I hate that this is the first time we’ve really seen Mitt with his guard down expressing his (to all appearances) innate conservatism. Where has this been? Well, judging by the (over)reaction to his comments on both the right and left, his political handlers, and perhaps the man himself, have decided you can’t win elections by being genuine. I hate that we have had to listen to Mitt defend his horrid Mass. healthcare intiative, or equivocate on this or that because he and his people value election strategy over honesty.


The Graham-Cassidy Bill Must Pass

Perhaps this is will mark a new moment for the Romney campaign, and Mitt as a politician. Maybe a taste of just how far honesty and genuineness can take him this election will push him to put it all on the table and take a case to the American people that will put him in the oval office. I am hopeful, but I am also skeptical. It’s love and hate.