I remember after the ’92 election when we were facing a Democratic President, 57 Democratic Senators, and a ridiculously large Democratic majority in the House, we were devastated.

Major newspapers across the nation were running story after story with one of two major angles analyzing the results. The first was that the GOP needed to kick out the Christian Coalition and shun social conservatives. The second was one questioning whether the Republican Party was even relevant heading into the next century, and should be replaced by a more centrist party to challenge the Democrats.

Into this void stepped Bill Kristol and the Project for a Republican Future. Kristol refused to accept the mainstream media’s take on the politics of the day, and quickly began organizing an anti-Clinton coalition. This helped ease the way for a resistance to the Clinton agenda and led to the 1994 midterms and GOP re-capture of Congress.

Should 2008 get bowling-shoe ugly in its results, I think it’s time to seriously consider another project. Obviously, an anti-Obama coalition will need to be assembled, and I have no doubt there will be. I also do not doubt that the GOP will take whatever steps it needs to dust itself off and move forward. That’s all well and good, but I do think we need to face something clearly.Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama all have the same vital phenomonon at play and that is the mainstream media fell in love with each of them very early on in their campaigns and placed each of them on their back and carried them to victory. In Obama’s case, he hasn’t won yet, but he is leading.

When you consider how ridiculously low President Bush’s approval ratings are and you realise just how close we are to electing the most radical and unqualified President ever, it’s clear this is all the doing of the mainstream media. Neither of these scenarios would be taking place without MSM support.

It has been incredibly frustrating watching this take place in front of our very eyes. I remember in 1992 how slanted and biased the coverage was for Bill Clinton during the general election campaign. Watching 2008 is giving me ugly flashbacks. The thing that disturbs me the most, and should disturb you, is that Obama’s media push is successful DESPITE Fox News, the Internet, talk radio, etc. So-called “new media” by itself is not enough to cancel out a concerted mainsteam media push. Can you imagine where Obama would be if he received even 10% of the media scrutiny/criticism that Sarah Palin has received?

It has become painfully clear that if we’re EVER going to, as a movement, get to where we need to be, there’s going to need to be a sustained, concerted effort to change the mainstream media from within.

How? I personally believe we need to fight fire with fire.

A new generation of activist conservatives need to be recruited in college to consider journalism as a career. This will neither be easy, nor overnight. True conservatism, at its roots, doesn’t typically lend itself well to personal activism. Beyond that, you generally won’t find a long list of young conservatives seeking to “change the world” via journalism. Young conservatives simply go out and change the world on their own.

Still, it is difficult for me to believe that we’ll ever achieve an electoral victory like we did any stronger than in 2004 until and unless we change the mainstream media. I’m tired of us constantly complaining about them, and yet they only seem to get hardened in their liberalism. You’d think that in the year 2008, they couldn’t carry an empty suit from the streets of Chicago all the way to the White House. Yet, that’s what we’re facing.

The only way out of this nightmare (and to keep it from re-occuring) is to take on the long, hard slog of reforming APCNNABCCBSNBC. There’s simply no other way.

PS: If McCain wins somehow, we can sleep comfortably knowing that the MSM has truly been broken. But if he loses, this project must be initiated at once.