Folks it’s time to wake up and see what’s going on here.  The progressive left led by Obama is going to lie, cheat, and steal to win this election even if it means destroying America in the process.   The bitter, aggressive and devisive way in which Obama and all his surrogates including the media hacks at MSNBC are attacking Romney and American exceptionalisim is like no other point in our history.

First the lies, the most recent is the one saying Romney in essence killed a woman.  The outright disgusting nature and sleazy way this ad rolled out on the heals of the “drity” Harry Reid lie on the Senate floor are clear examples of how the left will avoid the issues facing Americans at all costs.  They are lying to distract all of us from a failed miserable four years of record debt, increasing prices on gas and food, and the complete collapse of America on the world stage as seen in the mess in Syria and Egypt.  Americans are out of work, paying more for everything and have a $40,000 per person debt balance thanks to Obama.

The cheating has stared also with the most recent attack on military voting in Ohio and the attacks on FL, AZ and TX voter ID and immagration laws.  In short the left knows they have been cheating for years as they follow the “Chicago way” when it comes to elections.  Now Obama through Erica Holder (yes I said Erica), are going to piss off veterans and military in an attempt to get out the vote for liberals in Ohio even longer then they already get throuigh early voting.  The very special early voting up to the day before election for military is a sacred privledge and honored thing that the progressives are now trying to seize in the wake of the WI recall to get out more votes and it’s cheating plain and simple.

The stealing has been going on since day one starting with stealing our greatness as a nation and all the way up to now with stealing our money to pay off companies and donors like Solyndra and others.  Obama has used the US Treasury as his own personal piggy bank picking and choosing who to give hundreds of millions of dollars to as a reward for dontions to the Obama election fund.

America we must wake up and realize that the progressive left sees this as thier opportunity to destroy America as a country of hard work and exceptionalisim while tearing apart the institutions and values that made us great.  They want a complete and total surrender of capitalisim, the puritain work ethic, and individual responsibility in favor of a “collective” state that is told by liberal masters how to think, speak, work, and live.  A country that gives up the ruggid individualisim that comes with being free for a large nanny state that picks the industries we work in (green energy movement comes to mind) the things our kids learn and speak about in school (wipe out historical references to our founding days), and in the end even the media spoon feeding us the news of the day twisted by the progressive agenda.

Wake up and vote this election as our future as a free and open country is at stake!  If they can lie, cheat, and steal like they are now how bad will it be if the progressives win in Nov?


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