Folks as an early Tea Party member going back to Texas in early 2009 I’ve reached the point of saying we need to have a purge in the Tea Party in  order to right the ship.  I knew back in the early days as I watched a huge TP money and leadership fight in San Antonio that there would be those that try and “use” our name for their gain and in the end it would cause us harm….That time has come!

The Tea Party has been infested with radicals with an intolerant social agenda that focus their facebook posts and blogs and op-ed articles on stupid social issues that have nothing to do with the core principles of Tea Party and all of us that are everyday Americans that just want fiscal responsibility, states rights, and accountability in Government; the things that we all rallied for two and three years ago.

The Judson Phillips case that just broke is one good example.  He now must pay over $700k to a Vegas hotel he skipped out on for a “for-profit” Tea Party event he tried to pull off in 2010 that busted out.  Add some of his emails and posts from his tea party nation site and blog (just google him for those distracting articles) about far flung social issues and conspiracy theories and it is no wonder “We the tea” have started to avoid events.  He is also a media attention seeker that puts the wrong face on who we really are.  He is not the only one.

You have the disgraced former Marine Gary Stein that has a facebook page that says things like a “rope around Obamas neck” and “one well placed round”.  This is another attention seeker that has bastardized the Tea Party name for his own gain and attention and is part of the cult like crowd in the fringes of the right wing that want to shove his Christian social agenda at us in the guise of the Tea Party much like Chuck Baldwin the former Pensacola pastor and now Idaho “whatever leader”.  Chuck is also one that used the Tea Party to shove a social and personal agenda down all our throats.  Folks this has to stop now!

“We the Tea” deserve better and we need leaders and faces that stick to the core values of Tea Party, leave the ******** intolerance and Alex Jones NWO conspiracy crap at the door.  People like me (yes I said it) and also great folks like Katrina Pierson a great leader and huge part of the Ted Cruz win.  Or Lloyd Marcus in Florida and, then people running and holding office like Alan West and Jason Chaffetz.

If the Tea Party hopes to recover and not slip down a slope that gives the progressive left easy targets while torquing off the blue dogs that also support our core values of fiscal responsibility we had better start purging folks from key events, and media time and push the folks that stick to our core values with a rational and normal view of the world not one filled with NWO conspiracies and fake birth certificates.  This is a marathon not a sprint and we started off with a great pace but have faltered in the last year when some of the fringe types took the baton from us and then ran their own race.

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