• Teachers unions constantly demand more pay and more benefits. They say that it’s “for the children”. There is a valid connection between quality work and pay. Good teachers that can make better money elsewhere can do so without compromising the notion of “for the children”, if that’s even the slightest bit true. They are doing it for different children, that’s all. There is nothing wrong with a good teacher reaching new heights in their career, whether that is at the same place or elsewhere.That being said, if teachers are soooo smart, then why don’t they understand that bad teachers make them look bad also? Why do they fight against performance ratings, school vouchers, and good teacher bonuses? Why do they fight against the notion of firing bad teachers?The reason why this happens seems to be two-fold. On one hand, the bad teachers know that they can’t survive performance ratings, so they fight vehemently against it, saving their own arses. This is akin to the people on welfare that don’t want to work, only voting for someone that will keep giving them more free stuff. I won’t even get into the “liberal victim syndrome” aspect.

    The other reason… is blind ideology. They have their heads so far up their collective liberal hind quarters that they can’t see the light of day.

    Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach.

    This maxim is too often true. However; I have teachers in my family, and though I’ve never been taught directly by them, I am pretty confident that they aren’t in that crowd.

    It is the basic nature of a doer to get things done and not to worry about what other people are doing or not doing. This is the reason that Conservatives are considered the “Silent Majority”. Conservatives are, by nature and by ideology, the ones primarily concerned with things like trying to improve themselves, their families, and just living their lives and letting other people live their lives. They are silently doing what they do and not telling others what to do. They don’t concern themselves with the petty things

    Liberals are the opposite. Liberals aren’t happy when someone disagrees, instead they attempt to coerce you into their mindset with name-calling and denigration. They are the whiny little kids that always have to get their way. They are the ones who think they know it all (teenager never becoming an adult) and turn to activism to get their way (whining in public). In addition, they flock to the media so they can get their “correct” viewpoint heard by all, they flock to teaching so they can tell little kids that don’t know any better what to think, producing mini clones of themselves, and they flock to politics so they can force their childish ideas on the rest of us.


    On second thought, maybe they aren’t all that smart. Maybe they are just smarter than the kids they are teaching.

    After all, intelligence and acquired knowledge do not always inhabit the same vessel.