That’s not Samuel L. Jackson on set in Die Hard III. Remember the billy-club bearing New Black Panthers that were the vanguard of democracy in Philadelphia in 2008? Well, the boys are back, albeit in a kinder, gentler 2012 version. No visible weapons, and this fellow by all accounts had a bit of a sunnier disposition. 

Still, a dude in paramilitary attire affiliated with a radical, racist, and violent domestic terrorist group?  That’s fine. Nothing wrong there. Just don’t wear college sweatshirt. THAT, my friend, is blatant election tampering . . . even when, well, it has nothing to do with the election.

Fact is, the Justice Department had the New Black Panthers under investigation after the 2008 election. However, Eric “Fast & Furious” Holder decided to drop the case against them and instead sue the state of Arizona for attempting to enforce federal law.

Why should an organization like The New Black Panthers observe rule of law where there is no controlling legal authority? As if you needed another reason, there is yet another added to the column of “why elections matter.” Practically any other legitimate candidate that has sought the presidency in the past 8 years – GOP or Dem – would have sought to enforce the law as it applied to the NBPP. Not this one. Not this justice department. Not this president.

Get out and vote.  And bring this guy some doughnuts if you’re in the Philadelphia area.  He’s bound to get hungry.