Akin’s comments were foolish and bad for the country’s chances of unseating Obama in November. Let’s not double down on the mistake.

Look, I get it. Abortion is wrong, not just because it’s murder, which it most certainly is, but also because it’s a clear infringement on the life of the unborn child. Got it. Message received. Fully understood. But it’s time to also understand that what Todd Akin said is not only vile, repugnant, disgusting, but also completely and factually untrue. And misguided. And most importantly, it will be used by the Democrats from here until November 6, and with great effect, unless this bonehead leaves the race immediately, as in now.

After four years of Obama, and with the glut of laws, executive orders, regulations, and so on, we should be united in the concept of small government conservatism. Limited government. Less laws. Abortion is settled law. It may suck, it may be wrong, but simply passing more laws on this or other social issues won’t stop it from happening. And not only is it extremely doubtful that any new laws on the subject would ever stand an ice cube’s chance in hell of passing, but equally, the push for those laws would result in an even smaller GOP minority.

There is one way, and one way only to reduce abortion in America, and that is via a major cultural change, a return to classic, American, judeo-christian-based family values. The minority party can’t change the culture, and a party with a shrinking minority changes the culture even less. We’ve seen the cultural impact a mere 4 years of Obama and his policies have had on our country. Another four, and the fact that abortion is legal will be the very least of our problems.

And at the end of the day, that’s what this is about. We can sit here and whine about how unfair it all is, and it most certainly is unfair that the Vice President can say all manner of things with minimal coverage, meanwhile some unknown candidate from MO can be used to shift a national race. But so what? Do we want to win? Do we want to wake up on November 7th, with another four years of Obama hanging over our heads? That’s what’s at stake here. One need only consider one question – does support for Akin, or excusing of his comments help us in this goal, or not? The answer is clearly, not.

If we want to stand any chance to kick Obama out of the White House in November, something that in my view is crucial to the very survival of this country, and something that is hardly guarunteed by any stretch, then it’s time to stay focused. And to shut up about the stuff that really doesn’t matter this time around.

If you’re one of the voters who helped to elect Akin in the primary, or if you sympathize with his comments, or feel we should all just get over it because he was somehow taken out of context and apologized, then I’m talking to you. Shut up. Shut up shutting up even. Now. You’re part of the problem right now, because you’re playing directly into the Democrats hands – Democrats who actually ran $1.3 million in ads to help get Akin to win the primary mind you. Sure, within your limited circle, this all sounds like speaking truth to power. To the masses at large, the very same whom we need to win in November, this sounds like kooky ultra-rightist insanity. And the Democrats understand this for all it’s worth.