A newly resurfaced audio recording of Barack Obama saying; “I Actually Believe in Redistribution” is being circulated in conservative circles with so much frequency and zeal, if you came here from another planet, you’d think there was some sort of controversy about it.

Why is everyone so shocked by this 14-year-old audio clip? Is anyone on either side even arguing that President Obama is not for redistribution? Didn’t he say to me in 2008 he wanted to spread the wealth around? People are playing and replaying this thing over and over to the point where you’d think Zapruder himself had actually recorded it.

Saying Barack Obama favors the redistribution of wealth is like making the observation that Lindsay Lohan likes to party. Barack Obama’s campaign for re-election is fairly simple: “Vote for me and I’ll give you that other guy’s stuff.” The Obama campaign will then argue that all you have to do is to tax the rich more – which will run the government for about 12 days – then what do you do?

Why aren’t people talking about what is obvious to me? Barack Obama and the Democrats think voters are stupid.  But they need to look at what happened in Wisconsin. The voters – all voters – are not stupid. Most Americans understand that prosperity results from an economy based on creating wealth, not redistributing it. They know these deficits cannot be sustained and that the liberal math simply doesn’t work.

And let’s not forget who the co-conspirators in the Barack Obama plan of spreading around of tax dollars is: The Stimulus and all other spending must be originated and passed by Congress, who, since 2007 when the Democrats took over, has been legislating redistribution at a head-spinning pace.

Liberal Democrats like my opponent, Marcy Kaptur have been loyal votes for the Obama agenda of “transforming America” and the redistribution of wealth.

I agree with what Mitt Romney is saying – that he wants to empower individuals to reach their fullest potential. But there’s one thing Romney missed: We need a tax code that is easier for taxpayers to understand and more difficult for politicians to manipulate. I don’t want to see anyone face a higher tax burden. I want to see a new tax system like the Fair tax or flat tax that makes the rules the same for all Americans so we can put behind us these petty arguments over who pays what percentage on a given year.

Meanwhile, four American citizens were killed in a TERRORIST ATTACK conducted by AL QAEDA, that we’ve been told for a week was a result of a spontaneous riot caused by freedom of speech. This administration and Marcy Kaptur has to go!