No Mr. President, YOU have fanned the flames and made it a contentious debate. If you had stood with Arizona or even negotiated with the state instead of demeaning this law before you had even read it, the Left would have likely reacted quite differently. But you knew how you could manipulate people from the AIG scandal that, well, you made a scandal when there was none. You remembered the affect it had on the American people, or at least the Left, and you remembered your lefty citizenry calling the AIG executives and threatening their lives over these bonuses that you had approved. Oh yes, you know all to well that you can manipulate the Left to do you bidding.

And that’s what you’ve done here. You’ve intentionally mischaracterized the law to get the Left up in arms. You’ve lied about it and you’ve made your people lie about it. You told your Justice department to sue Arizona over the law, all because you don’t want anyone to enforce the law. You don’t want to risk losing any undocumented Democrats, now do you.

You are a crook and a sham, Mr. President. And I’ll be glad when the day comes when someone who actually cares about this country, more than they care about votes, steps into the Oval Office and tries to repair all the damage that you have done to this country. American will unite to stand against you and we will defeat you, God willing, in 2010 and 2012.

I leave you with the following message:

For those of you on the Left who have trouble processing reality, the above video is a metaphor and not an actual threat.

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