There’s a new poll out from USA Today that should be highly encouraging for those of us who have been wondering how it’s possible that most polls are finding that this election is so close. How is it, we’ve asked ourselves again and again, that a socialist president whose economic policies have demonstrably led to high unemployment and slow growth and who is actively working to curtail our most precious personal economic freedoms, leads or is neck and neck with an upstanding businessman with a plan to bring the country back?

Well a new poll may have found the answer: a lot of these Obama supporters aren’t going to vote. The poll looked at people who are registered to vote, but aren’t going to. It found that Obama leads that demographic 43-20 over Romney. It seems highly likely that the national and state tracking polls that show Obama stubbornly ahead or closely behind Romney are pulling in a lot of these unlikely voters. And these people cite lots of reasons for not voting this year:

  • Nothing ever gets done
  • They’re too busy
  • Their votes don’t really matter
  • They’re not excited about their candidate

I know this probably isn’t groundbreaking to most of you—I think a lot of us have been suspecting that something like this is going on in the background all along. I’ve heard anecdotes about the significantly lower numbers of Obama/Biden and Hope/Change bumper stickers and signs. There have been polls indicating that voter enthusiasm among Democrats/Liberals/Socialists/Marxists is way down. But I think it’s highly encouraging to see some actual numbers to back up the fact that these people actually aren’t going to vote.

And the truth is they probably shouldn’t.  The fact they support Obama by such a wide margin alone is revealing of their lack of political awareness and general intelligence. But again, the poll comes through with some hard numbers. Only 39% of these people could correctly name the Vice President (while other polls have indicated that 59% of American adults can). These people don’t pay attention. They don’t care enough or aren’t smart enough to know what’s going on, and that’s why they stand behind—though thankfully with no actual loyalty or gumption—a president whose polices are so clearly an abject failure.

Another important verification: 80% of these people say government plays an important role in their lives.  The liberals/leftists/socialists have used government programs for decades now to make people like these dependent on the government, forcing them into a cycle where they have to vote Democrat or risk losing their government handouts. This is how Obama is seemingly so close in the polls: he has the support of the lazy, uninformed, ignorant people who are dependent on government handouts because they can’t do anything for themselves. Fortunately, most of these people aren’t going to vote, and that may be our saving grace.