The bad news
We lost the presidency. We lost the Senate. That was rough. I think first and foremost we need to realize what this means for the future of our country. Few of us underestimated the importance of this election. Here are few of the things we can now expect:

  • The death of the American small business. This is the most hypocritical aspect of the Obama Dems’ Marxism. They claim to oppose “evil big corporations,” but their anti-business policies and taxes end up killing small business. They hurt bigger companies, too, but the big companies are more likely to have the resources to survive.
  • Continuation of the war on coal and oil. This will mean a consistent drain on the economy and high gas prices for the foreseeable future.
  • Socialized health care. Obamacare will enter effect in 2014, and with a Marxist President and Senate, there’s no way to repeal it. We can still hope for state-by-state efforts to prevent implementation of certain of its devastating provisions, but that is small consolation.
  • Extension of a defeatist and apologist foreign policy that threatens American lives, the security of our nation, and the reputation of our country as the most powerful on earth.
  • Four more years of trillion+ dollar deficits that will plunge us into a debt abyss that will we probably never be able to dig ourselves out of.

Reasons we lost the election
It was disheartening and devastating to expect at least a Romney victory—if not a Romney landslide—in this election and get the result we got. I was with all the people in the confident Romney victory camp. Why and how did we overestimate our chances so severely? What happened to the claims of voter fraud and the harsh criticism of people like Nate Silver (who ultimately called every state correctly if Florida stays blue)? I think there are a few reasons for this:

  1. I think the biggest problem here was the candidate. We didn’t elect a conservative in the primaries—the same mistake we made in 2008—and most of us were totally uninspired by Romney until he was chosen as the nominee and we had to get behind him to defeat Obama. Romney was such a weak candidate that he couldn’t even defeat Obama with skyrocketing unemployment and gas prices that should have made this election a no-brainer. The Republican Party needs to return to true conservatism or risk losing its relevance in this country.
  2. Our message didn’t resonate, and we got beaten in the ground game. I think this is undoubtedly true, given the levels of enthusiasm on each side. The fraud definitely hurt, but this was a major issue.
  3. Fraud. There were consistent and widespread accusations of voter fraud and intimidation throughout the night. This undoubtedly contributed to Obama’s margin of victory. There were similar efforts by the Dems to steal the election in 2008, but Obama won by large enough margins that it probably didn’t matter.  Last night, the election was much closer and the fraud efforts much more sinister and widespread. It’s possible that these efforts swung the election, but I doubt we’ll ever know. With Holder (or some other equally terrible AG), there’s no way these accusations will be seriously investigated.

The bottom line
We kept the House. Obama does not have a mandate. Since 2010, the House has been the firewall against the Dems’ Marxist policies. It will continue to be, for at least another two years. Conservatives simply must turn the House’s nominal control over the country’s purse strings into actual control and prevent even more debilitating spending on Democratic pet projects. We need stronger leadership from true conservatives to prevent an even faster spiral into destruction. Unless we get that, my hope for our future will dim significantly. There are worrying signs, like the failure of the Florida initiative to prevent implementation of Obamacare. We will need to find a way to convince people, even in this relatively conservative state, of how terrible these policies are, and how much they will damage our country.

I sincerely hope that Erick was right that this election was about a Barack Obama coalition, not a Democratic/Socialist/Marxist coalition. In 2014 and 2016, we will have to do even more than we did this year to elect conservatives.  We can, we will, and we must.

Good night and God bless.