The army of lawyers, PIs and muckrakers are underway in Palin’s familiar haunts according to Fund at the WSJ, and Gibson is set for a “no holds barred” two days of interviews with the governor. At the same time news agencies are busy racing around town with their mics and cameras trying to get something of substance. If Palin successfully runs this gauntlet and there really is no dirt on her to speak of, will it not serve to substantiate all of her stump claims and make her even larger than life than she already is? Will not McCain be exonnerated for sufficiently vetting her? Will the Dems through their lust to bring her down make her and McCain even more the dynamic duo than they already appear to be? I listened to Limbaugh today and he said he is sick of defeatists. Why not think the best will come of this sinister vetting process. After all, we want our leaders to be men and women of integrity. I pray that when these vultures eat their last mooseburger and head back home, they do so empty handed. Is it wrong to pray for that?