I see the Photoshopped photo of McCain and read the vile vitriol vomiting from the pens of the Obamatrons and wonder if I will make it to Election Day. Oh, “grow a pair” as even fifth-graders are probably saying now to their teachers, you’ll say, but we are in a desperate struggle here! This is my 11th presidential election and it’s never been so nasty so early. I know the Republicans have reeled off some low-belt ads, but nothing out of the ordinary. My goodness, they were worse in John Adams’ days. But I guess we owe it to the blogs this election cycle to witness first hand the hate and filth bubbling up from the souls of the left–and the press. Just today, my boss’ daughter had her side rear mirror ripped off in the classy Hyde Park area of Tampa, we believe because of the McCain sticker on her bumper. One has to have a pretty strong stomach to witness a Category 3 hurricane plow into the heart of our oil industry, then watch Wall Street hanging by a thread, and then look who may be in line to lead us into the Promised Land. Oh, did I mention the Muslim extremists that just moved into the foreclosed house in your neighborhood and paid cash? You’ll say we got to fight it out, and that I will do, with the $2000 worth of McCain paraphenalia we just ordered, but if we lose, I already have a pact with my closest circle of friends and family (most non-gun owners) to show up at the very next gun show to sit for our concealed weapons permit. It’s just that serious. Check out what’s going on in Texas. www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU9CY4ImgH4