It has been easy to live in America for most of its relatively short life. Founded by Christian men or by those who at least paid homage to the Almighty, the stage was set more than 232 years ago to receive prolonged heavenly blessings, and we have.

Of course, there have always been the detractors, who, because of the freedoms afforded to them, have roamed among the masses spreading discord. But the bad apples have never had the numbers to hold too much sway, and the principle of “one bad apple” has not applied.

Thanks to the forethought of our Founding Fathers to write down that which is important, and to codify that which is essential, we have kept our course through many temptations to establish for ourselves a king so that we can “live like all the nations” (8:5, 20). It appears, however, that a tipping point has been reached and those shouting for a ruler are now drowning out those who know better.

Indeed, we may have reached the precipice where the majority wishes to plunge headlong into the abyss. Indeed, the God of our Fathers may this time grant them their wish, and we will not be able to do a thing about it.

When the Israelites cried out for a king, Samuel tried to no avail to dissuade them. He warned them about the “procedure of the king,” how he would take their sons and daughters, he would take the best of their fields and produce, and the seed, and give it to his servants, he would take their servants and beasts of burden, and he would take a portion of their flocks, again, to give them to his servants. Why would the people desire to be put upon in such fashion?

Collective laziness and apathy. They were no longer willing to expend the energy to judge themselves and to fight for themselves. Sound familiar?

We are a country brought to life by the forging of rugged individualism and selfless sacrifice. Never before have the two traits operated so effectively. This glue has kept us together through many wars with others and with ourselves, deep depression, and many other “toils and snares.”

And let us not ignore or forget the blessings bestowed by His gracious hand in return for reverence so pitiful in comparison. We tend to think that with God, it is all or nothing, but he knows us all too well. We are incapable of the all and very capable of the nothing. Thankfully, he seems to give credit to those who lean his way, and he saves those who take but a step toward him.

Let us collectively step back from the edge and head back to the Shining City on the Hill.

At this pivotal point in our history, may we pivot to him in the knick of time!