If I were Obama, I’d rethink taking on Rush and Cramer. Nothing in their personalities would indicate a willingness to cower even under intense fire. In the time His Hipness can say “Look, uh..” both have registered two or three verbal jabs, and are working on a fourth. The arrogance to think that one will not get bloodied when mixing it up with a pit bull? Further, what failure to comprehend how the average Joe thinks? First, the “ditto head” may have a 20-year relationship with the guy and knows from whence he comes. With Cramer, does he not tell it like it is–maybe as he sees it–all the time? Why engage a guy that is going to call you an “effeminate ex-ballarina,” and your partners “official greeters at Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico”–and until you can shut him up with a reincarnation of the Fairness Doctrine–can get away with it? Most bullies I knew in grade school had no sense of humor. So too the demons now tending to the One’s affairs. The quick-witted and artful always seem to gain the upper hand until a right cross is administered.  For the Messiah, he can’t get close enough to these guys to do any damage, while all along they can pulverize him. Maybe this is good politics, but it is not a successful strategy against pit bulls.  Try a congressman  or senator, they are much easier prey.