Scary stuff in this article. One of the ways to keep the elderly elderly or in a continual tranquilized stuper is to medicate, medicate, medicate. No longer will you be able to hide the pills under your tongue and spit them out and break out of there. You’ll be hooked to a machine and Big Brother will know. The forces at work today are diabolical!

Right now, our family monitors the medication given my 89 year old father and we lobby to remove anything that does not improve or sustain his well-being. This means he gets the Alzheimer’s meds, but we aren’t seeing the need for him to lower his cholesterol these days. In the Brave New World, when the solution is to take the “red pill,” the doctors/feds will know if the patient and/or caregivers (family, if I am lucky) has/have complied. 

Beware of these technological “breakthroughs”. They can and will be used against us, especially if we can still roll dear old dad to the local precinct, or get him an absentee ballot.