tnfriend will do the job Kessler claims to do
1. Up first Libya

Q We have reports that the White House said today that the attacks in Libya were a terrorist attack. Do you have information indicating that it was Iran, or al Qaeda was behind organizing the protests?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we’re still doing an investigation, and there are going to be different circumstances in different countries. And so I don’t want to speak to something until we have all the information. What we do know is that the natural protests that arose because of the outrage over the video were used as an excuse by extremists to see if they can also directly harm U.S. interests —

Q Al Qaeda?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we don’t know yet. And so we’re going to continue to investigate this. We’ve insisted on and have received so far full cooperation from countries like Egypt and Libya and Tunisia in not only protecting our diplomatic posts, but also to make sure that we discover who, in fact, is trying to take advantage of this.

Got to give the President either: 25 pinocchios for this one (RPG’s do not equal spontaneous protest or lack of planning) or if the President is not lying and believes this – I’ll give him 2 gepettos and call him an idiot – his choice.

2. Fast and Furious

THE PRESIDENT: Well, first of all, I think it’s important for us to understand that the Fast and Furious program was a field-initiated program begun under the previous administration. When Eric Holder found out about it, he discontinued it. We assigned an inspector general to do a thorough report that was just issued, confirming that, in fact, Eric Holder did not know about this, that he took prompt action and the people who did initiate this were held accountable.

Pants on Fire for saying that Fast and Furious was a field initiated program begun under George W. Bush. It was started under Barack Obama and the #2 man in the Justice Department, Lanny Breuer by DOJ’s own admission was involved in the operation. Then, the President’s shirt caught on fire by saying it was Eric Holder who ended F&F – it was Brian Terry’s death, and then the President lit his whole wardrobe on fire because the aforementioned Lanny Breuer is still #2 at Justice. For the whole statement the President gets the coveted but seldom awarded: Burning Man because he lit everything on fire.

3. My biggest failure

What is your biggest failure?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, Jorge, as you remind me, my biggest failure so far is we haven’t gotten comprehensive immigration reform done. (Laughter.) So we’re going to be continuing to work on that. (Applause.) But it’s not for lack of trying or desire, and I’m confident we’re going to accomplish that.

Well, I do agree this is a broken promise (townhall moderators did as well, see below) but I got to give the President a Pants on Fire lie and give him 3 more pinocchios there. With 15% real unemployment, record expansion of food stamp programs, SS disability, and 23 million unemployed, the economy as his number one failure. Number two, I think I’ll go with appeasing radical Islamic thugs. Numero three, I am going to take crapping on the 1st amendment.

Salinas Yes, as you said, that’s your biggest failure and Jorge asked you do you consider that you broke your promise. So I think the answer is, yes, with many excuses, but you actually broke your promise.
Ramos: It was a promise, Mr. President. And I don’t want to — because this is very important, I don’t want to get you off the explanation. You promised that. And a promise is a promise. And with all due respect, you didn’t keep that promise

4. The Great Depression – Part 2

Well, let me first of all, Jorge, make a point that when we talked about immigration reform in the first year, that’s before the economy was on the verge of collapse — Lehman Brothers had collapsed, the stock market was collapsing. And so my first priority was making sure that we prevented us from going into a Great Depression.

10000 pinocchios, call the fire department because this is the Great Chicago Fire – Part 2. The President gets the reward for most lies told in less than a 1000 words in US Political history. The financial sector had stablilized by the time you were inaugurated, the stock market had not crashed. Did they not have one econ class at Harvard, Columbia or University of Chicago – you could have at least audited? It was a recession. As an aside, every economic indicator is worse now, so are we in the Great Depression now? Is your re-election slogan, we almost inherited the Great Depression and then we gave you one? Seriously, cut the melodramatics to justify failure. The only truth is Lehman Brothers collapsed before you took office. For the benefits of the trolls, a depression is a major downturn in GDP from 1929-1933, GDP fell by 1/3, 2007-2009 wasn’t even close to the Great Depression. It wasn’t in the same neighborhood, city, county or state as the Great Depression.

5. The change we seek….

And I think that I’ve learned some lessons over the last four years, and the most important lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t change Washington from the inside. You can only change it from the outside.

I am going to have to go with the never before seen (outside of Kessler’s weird brain) – True and False. I give the President major props for admitting he is not up to the job and going to go 2000 gepettos there. However, that is balanced by the 2000 pinocchios for not knowing the White House is located inside of Washington. Mr. President, you only get to run as the outsider once; to quote you – “you won” – this made you the insider.

A transcript of the entire snotburger (well if you are a Democrat – it’s a snotburger) can be found here. The townhall is an example of how the “Great Communicator” does when the reporter on the other side is actually interested in being a reporter and not a pundit. By the way, Jorge Ramos should moderate every single debate.