New Candidate Alert! Former Gov. Jim Gilmore, Welcome to the Jungle

    Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore said today he’s planning  a run for the White House.  So, at this point we need to hear from people who were in Virginia during the time Jim Gilmore was Governor.  We can wiki till our knees give out and discover he was Governor when 9/11 took place and so he has a more than passing interest in homeland security and | Read More »

    The SS Run Amok

    Long ago in the early days of January 2015 there was a squabble for who would be the House Speaker. But it was merely a family matter within the party and there would be no consequences for those who sought the seat or voted against  Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A%.  At least that’s what we were told by Boehner’s own advisors. It better be quickly forgotten, for | Read More »

    The “Ted Jumps In Tomorrow” thread.

    This news has been all over the place today. Yesterday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% said he had a major political announcement he would give from Liberty University tomorrow.  There was speculation at several sites and there was word from that he was definitely in. Much will be written about him tomorrow but let’s jump the gun RedStaters. I appreciate there are | Read More »

    Why Cruz Needs to Hear From His Supporters…Right Now.

    In case you missed it, there’s an Agriculture summit taking place in Iowa. Folks mulling a run for the White House are in attendance, including Sen Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100%.  All a would-be candidate would have to do really is stand in front of a stalk of corn and say “I’m all in for Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS)”.  Which is exactly what | Read More »

    The 2016 REDSTATE Presidential Strawpoll popup thingy

    Have you noticed a straw poll pop up sometimes when you jump into Redstate? A straw poll which shows you pictures of every possible Republican candidate who may (or may not) have dreams of running for president in 2016?   The last person is only in silhouette with the suspicious name of Write-In. I ask because, yes silly me, actually took the time to give my secret email | Read More »

    The Jewish “Hybrid Race of Shape Shifters” to Blame for Bombing Theory

    Over at the Daily Beast is an article entitled “Paris’s Muslim Suburbs Blame Jews for Charlie”.  Nice quick article where the author has interviewed several Muslims and gotten some interesting feedback on their thoughts as to why the bombing occurred.   Some explanations are what you would expect. The classic “well, he started it” routine whereby if you hadn’t done this, we wouldn’t have done that. But at least a couple | Read More »

    Where ColdWarrior and Sen. John McCain Go Toe to Toe

    Those who drop by RedState frequently are familiar with the name ColdWarrior. He is one who will take every available opportunity to, dare I say, harp on the virtues of being a Precinct Committeeman. The influence the position wields within a state’s party and how, for some reason, many of these slots remain empty despite their importance to our cause.  ColdWarrior has encouraged, nudged, and has gotten in the face of those | Read More »

    The Establishment Mantra : The Enemy (Democrat) of My Enemy (Conservative) is My Friend

    Nobody can argue the fact the CRomnibus which passed the Republican led House 219-206 would not have been possible without the aid of Dem-friends  and an equally chummy Dem-President.   When  bits of the funding bill started leaking out it was clear there would be defections from conservatives, enough to stop the bill in its tracks. At that point, Conservatives were solidified as the enemy as far as establishment was concerned. It wasn’t | Read More »

    Jonathan Gruber… “I Behaved Badly.”

    I’m not going into a line by line account of everything that Jonathan Gruber has written out as his official testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government reform. At the bottom is a link and you can read it for yourself. Or use Hotair’s link if you prefer.  But I do want to make a couple things clear. When you pull it up in pdf | Read More »

    And The Election Night Awards Go To…..

    That election was FUN! But now to the important business of handing out awards, because so many people could not have won if it weren’t for the efforts of some of the * not winners*. * The first award goes to Abortion Barbie,  Wendy Davis. With her one note campaign on abortion flopping badly, she upped her game to two notes and attacked her opponent on his disability. Repeatedly | Read More »

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