If I were Mitt Romney’s speech writer this is what I would have him say to the Republican Party at the convention in Tampa at the end of this month:


“Mr. chairman, Mr. (or Mrs.) Vice President to be, and to this wonderful convention, and to the American people, with great appreciation and responsibility I accept your nomination for president of the United States. And here we are, as is the case every four or eight years the American people have their time for choosing; and my dear friends the choice facing every American couldn’t be more important. I believe the time has come to turn the page on the Obama presidency and instead chart a new course for America. We respect our president, but we simply cannot overlook the fact that for the past four years of his first term he’s been wrong on every vital issue facing this great nation.

From domestic policy of spending, economic growth, taxation, and energy to the serious foreign policy concerns Mr. Obama has continuously missed the mark, and as a result this once great land of freedom and opportunity, strength and leadership has outsourced it’s influence around the world like we’ve outsourced jobs to Finland, Mexico, and Brazil. Our friends in the Democrat Party like the tell us that it hasn’t been easy cleaning up the mess left behind by George W. Bush. Well, perhaps I’ll know the feeling when I’m left cleaning up after Barack Obama.

They tell us we’re better off than we were when he took office in 2009. Well, if 8.3% unemployment, 23 million people out of work, 1.5% anemic GDP growth, a 15 trillion dollar deficit, 45 million people on food stamps, 14% unemployment among African Americans, and 62% of Americans believing the country is on the wrong track signifies that happy days are here again, maybe we ought to find new signals, fire the people giving out the signals. Mediocrity and barely getting by are not what better days are all about in America.

In the America I know we believe in freedom and free markets. We believe that the hand of God, which guides and protects us is far more trustworthy and comforting than the hand of the federal government. In America we hold our traditions close to our hearts and we don’t apologize for them.

And why should we? Since when was it out of step to believe in the family and marriage between one man and one woman? The other side calls us homophobic, and bigots. They say our support of traditional marriage amounts to supporting an anti-gay agenda and hate. I say to to them, why can’t we just call it a disagreement, and let that be the end of the conversation? It’s funny how those who accuse us of being hateful are the one’s who hate the way we feel about their views. They believe disagreements are to be stamped out of the public discourse in the name of so called tolerance. The other side likes to throw that word around, “tolerance”, it’s politically fashionable. Forgive me for not being up on my fashion, but I believe we should accept one another in America, instead of just tolerating each other. “Tolerate” is what you do with an ex spouse, we should learn to accept our fellow American regardless of what they believe or how they live their life.

They also resort to the politics of division and envy. They tell us money is the root of all evil, so in order to wipe out this evil the government must have all your money for your own good. If only they learned the lessons of the past and realize that government is the last place looked upon as a responsible entity. You’ll find more responsible actors in Hollywood nightclubs than in the federal government.

But what can you expect from a party and a president of government. The entire Democrat platform from top to bottom is riddled with government solutions, often more complex than what the problem warrants. Whenever we offer solutions they’re shot down as too simplistic or too draconian. We’re told by our liberal friends in the Democrat Party that out ideas for entitlement reform would throw the baby out with the bath water and send granny straight off the cliff into the canyon. I’m not one bit surprised at such extreme and irrational rhetoric. After all when you have no solutions, or you’re too afraid to risk your election on reforming Medicare then of course you’re going to lie to as many of our seniors as you can. However just as the Democrats have been too afraid of their own shadow when it comes to real entitlement reform, Republicans have been equally afraid of standing up for those in our party who have the courage to offer concrete ideas to help stem the fiscal tide.

It’s a shame when we allow one of our own to face the arrows while we hide under the desk. As a party of conservative principles and fiscal reason, we ought not shy away from the hard battles because we know the fight is worth taking if it means a stronger and more sound system of entitlements for those who truly need them.

On the subject of principles and strength, our foreign policy must be one of reasonable leadership and bold contrast to what we’ve had under president Obama. Instead of leading from behind we’re going to reestablish American influence and leadership in the world. We won’t allow a round table of third world dictators to set an agenda that disproportionately affects democratic nations around the world. When Iran and Saudi Arabia sit on a panel concerning human rights, something is very wrong in the world today.

We must reaffirm the enduring bond between the United States and Israel by recognizing the capital as Jerusalem and mending the broken relationship left by President Obama. When you’re the only true democracy in a region of the world where your very existence is up for debate amongst your neighbors, you deserve every bit of support from the United States whether it’s militarily, financially, or politically.

Israel must know the United States will not cower from Iran and the threat of the bomb. As president I will make it my number one national security and foreign policy initiative to prevent Iran from further developing the uranium needed to begin the process of building nuclear weapons.

Finally I want to talk about the costs involved with this election. The fork in the road is giving us a chance to right the ship; and perhaps it’s our last shot to get it right. It’s not easy when so many Americans are left wondering if their children will have the kind of future they deserve. Many Americans set plans for our kids, we work hard to give them a life that escape our grasp when they were growing up. I’m not suggesting the president doesn’t want the best for your kids or his own kids. I’m saying he’s failed in his attempt to create the kind of environment necessary for the next generation to pick up the torch and march proudly as citizens of the United States.

Leaving generations with mountains of debt is no way to reward their future, in fact it threatens their future. So tonight I want every parent in America to just look at your son or daughter and think long and hard about the kind of life you want for them. I’ll lay the bounty out for you right here and now: If you desire a more active government role in your life, with more debt, high unemployment, high rate of foreclosures, bankrupt cities, and 23 million people out of work then by all means vote to reelect President Obama, because obviously I’m not the right man for the job.

But if you prosperity on your terms, less government burden, innovation, jobs, optimism, and a renewed sense of the future for your country and your family then I would ask you as a father, and a husband, and a grandfather to vote for me. Together we can rebuild this shining city on a hill. I thank you, and may God bless America.”