One of the most regurgitated talking points heard in the media has been this constant focus on reminder just how “likable” Mr. Obama is among the American people. First of all if he’s likable then why is his approval rating in the mid 40s? But that’s neither here nor there. Truth is many dumb Americans, yes I use that word because there is none more appropriate to describe the people who still, still find the president likable despite everything he’s put us through as a nation both in terms of his policy and his personality.

Let be honest and say that you know President Obama is kind of an a**h*le. Now I don’t know if these folks who find him likable are a**h*les themselves and it’s a situation where birds of a feather flock together, I think that’s part of what’s going on here. I also think these polls rely heavily on a large number of Democrats instead of a balanced share among party affiliated voters. If you look at recent polls Independent voters are turned off by both candidates so there’s something to keep in mind.

And regardless of unfavorable or favorable, there are examples where that stuff doesn’t matter a whole lot when it comes down to actual voting for a candidate. All we heard between 2007-2008 was that Hillary Clinton had high negatives among voters and as a result she a toxic candidate. Yet as the primary fight between her and Barack Obama continued her unfavorables went down and her favorable rating went up because she started to drop the phony Washington cookie cutter image and instead campaigned as herself. She started to relate more to everyday people despite being a woman of influence and wealth. She proved that money doesn’t determine whether or not you can connect with voters; your personality does.

With President Obama we get this contradiction from the media who by far gives him the highest favorable rating amongst themselves. They say he’s aloof, doesn’t connect well with people, he has a problem feeling people’s pain unlike Bill Clinton Barack Obama doesn’t have that ability to really understand voters on an emotional level. And yet despite all of this, somehow he still has high favorables among those same voters he, according to the media never really connected to in the first place?

We hear he has the same problems reaching blue collar white voters now that he did in 2008, are his favorables high among blue collar white voters? He’s been losing Independent voters since I believe late last summer, they trust Romney more on economic matters than Mr. Obama; is his favorable ratings still high among Independent voters? I’m lost, someone explain this to me.

I’m sure folks liked Jimmy Carter before voting him out of office in 1980. In fact he probably had a higher likability rating than President Obama before Ronald Reagan beat him like he stole something. You see favorable ratings matter to your die hard fans, in this case the media. They hold on to the hope that his smile and his perfectly crafted personal appeal will save him from the guillotine. They pray to their liberal gods that he might be spared by his charm; instead of condemned by his egregious record as president.

So yes they want to remind you how much the American people still like this guy even as he burns the country to the ground. This is truly third world dictator stuff when you think about it. I can imagine the media in some authoritarian or communist country still trying to convince people that their dear leader cares for them as they tear down his monuments and deface his image on walls. Hopefully if God willing President Obama comes to know utter defeat in November we won’t see members of the media weeping and declaring their blind loyalty to an ousted president. I won’t hold my breathe, and I just want everybody to watch NBC and MSNBC all night long come November because somebody will shed tears and display the most embarrassing form of sour grapes we’ve ever seen. That’s how much they had invested in this guy and when that investment proves to have no return, here come the water works.