Remember when CNN fact checked a Saturday Night Life skit that made fun of President Obama? That was pretty stupid and a waste of both airtime and whoever’s money it is that continues to keep this failing joke of a network from utter self inflicted implosion. I can’t even count how many presidents have resigned within the last five years because I guess they started to realize that CNN is nothing but a long brown turd that needs to be flushed down the tube but for some reason won’t give. You know the kind of turd? The monstrously long ones that get wedged down in the toilet and kind of bends in the middle.

Yesterday the CNN fact checkers were at it again, this time focusing on the claim made by pizza giant Papa John’s that the ACA (Affordable Care Act) would cause the price of pizza to increase by about 20 cents or so. Now, the point of this isn’t CNN, nor is it the idea that Papa John’s came out and said this. The problem is CNN fact checking claims made by those who would speak out against the president’s policies, namely the ACA.

Papa John’s should have known better because Stephen Colbert, the world’s most overrated liberal satirist took his turn mocking the pizza restaurant as well. And there you have it, the word is out that any private company or any small business that wants to criticize this administration and their policies must realize the consequence of such action. Think back to 2008 when Joe the Plumber dared to question then candidate Barack Obama over his tax plan. It was a far cry from the optic friendly encounter between the emotional female college student who pleaded to Barack Obama for help because she was having a hard time paying for college. What followed that meeting was a comforting embrace between Mr. Obama and the young lady; which the media gushed over for days.


About That 'Reagan Debt'

Joe the Plumber well, he didn’t get the memo. After his encounter with Mr. Obama was reported on news broadcasts around the country, the media and the DNC started fact checking big Joe. They started digging into his private life, his employment history and his tax records. This one guy who asked a simple question and by the way Barack Obama gave an honest answered by telling him he wants to spread his wealth around because it’s good for everybody. All Papa John’s did was make a claim based on their estimations in regards to what effect the ACA will have on their business going forward.

If you’re a small business, a big business, an average voter who just happens to disagree with the president you’re on notice: Do not speak, do not criticize, do not oppose or the media will conduct their own opposition research and you’ll pay dearly for your transgressions. Got it?

The propaganda campaign from the media hasn’t really started yet but give it about another month or so before you really start to see this blatant attempt to brainwash those among us who aren’t as shall I say intellectually nimble (aka a dumb a**). This entire effort from the dishonest SuperPac ads, the narrative about Romney, the media’s involvement, it’s all about getting as much of the dumb a** vote as they possibly can because unfortunately there has been an increase in dumb a** voters because there are more registered Democrats and Independents than Republicans. Which really proves my point that no matter how conservative this country is the dumb motherf****** always find a way to outnumber us and possibly cancel out our vote.

God Speed and Happy Friday….