Mitt Romney named Paul Ryan as his running mate, and although I would have gone in another direction if I were the governor, I have no problem with this choice because Paul Ryan was in my top five in terms of the best choices for vice president. However while we conservatives jump for joy we must realize the unfortunate reality in all of this: Paul Ryan has a contract on his head by the media. The Obama administration and the DNC I’m sure already have memos out to NBC, MSNBC, ABC the AP, Washington Post, CNN, the New York Times, and Politico to dig up whatever they can find on Mr. Ryan and his family and attack. Sadly this is how Republicans, Christians, and conservatives are treated. We all know this but we don’t have to accept it.

It’s time for the conservative media like Red State and others to unite and protect our own. We mustn’t let happen to Sarah Palin and her family happen to Paul Ryan and his family. The media will gladly do the dirty work of their dear leader, we must gladly meet them on the front line and beat back the onslaught of dishonesty, distortions, personal smears, snide comments, half truths, fabrications and misrepresentations.

We learned a great lesson from 2008: Never let one of your own face the guns without cover fire, and never ever leave a soldier behind on the battlefield. The word must go out to all major conservative web sites and media, do not allow these liars and serpents to define Paul Ryan. We’re dealing with an evil that has no remorse nor restraint in how far they’ll go to get President Obama elected for a second term. We’re already hearing some spin about Paul Ryan being too inexperienced to be president. This isn’t coming from the Obama campaign which one might expect, but instead it’s coming from the media.

With 90 or so days left until one of the most important decisions in a country’s history Paul Ryan has come on board as Mitt Romney’s running mate.

Game on folks, and to quote the great former Arkansas Razorbacks basketball coach Nolan Richardson: Let’s give them forty minutes of hell.