So far the weekend concerning the choice of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate, the views have been a mixed bag of excitement, caution I would assume, motivation on both sides, dishonesty, personal attacks, and a genuine sense that the election, which up until this point had been reduced to topics of murder, offshore accounts, birth certificates, and tax evasion. Such topics belong in a big budget drama not a presidential campaign about the future of the country.

But alas we’ve gotten our crucial injection of real issues and relevant themes in the form of a truly intelligent and courageous Congressman. I’ve weighed all the responses and the analysis from both sides and while liberals in the media and those operating the left wing death star salivate at the opportunity to dismantle Paul Ryan personally and politically, one man in particular isn’t so keen on the young budget whiz entering the race: President Obama

Ever since Paul Ryan how you say introduced himself to a larger audience in 2009 during the height of the health care debate, President Obama has been both sincerely impressed and genuinely intimidated by Paul Ryan. Mr. Obama suffers from a mental block that many athletes, specifically those considered standouts suffer from when they reach certain levels. I know from personal experience as a basketball and football player throughout my childhood and my teen years what this feeling is. It’s a sense that you can do no wrong on the field or court, you’re unstoppable it would appear, until you come across someone equal to your perceived greatness or perhaps better.

This plagued me in high school when I would pay against guys taller, faster, and stronger. I salvaged my game, and excelled by changing my style from run and gun shooting guard to defensive wizard small forward/point guard who was more concerned with making those players look foolish with my defensive than dropping 50 on them every night.

For most of his political and professional life Mr. Obama has been hyped and fed empty praise from those around him. He’s always been told he was the smartest guy in the room, no one could match his intellectual understanding and no one was better at articulating issues than he was. When he ran for president the media further expanded on this narrative. They said he was the smartest presidential candidate in history, his IQ was the highest of any president ever.

Imagine how such praise strokes one’s ego. So how do you think it felt when President Obama met his match in 2009 during the health care summit. They’re sitting there trying to emphasize their importance and let everyone know through their body language that they matter and everyone else well, not really. If members of the panel didn’t get the memo, President Obama scolding John McCain surely jogged their senses. “The election is over John, and we won” That set the mood for what ultimately resulted in Paul Ryan’s utter rebuke and almost surgical take down of Obamacare; from pillar to post really.

Mr. Ryan had the entire room focused on him not by choice but by sheer recognition of his brilliant presentation on the numbers behind the ACA (Affordable Care Act). During his presentation, the C-SPAN cameras panned over to the president, his reaction I think told you the whole story. Not once I don’t recall did President Obama look in any other direction, not once did he try to interject or anything while Paul Ryan spoke. He just sat their stone faced. His expression read as such: “This guy is impressive”, but I assume his thoughts were: “I’ve met my match”

Yes, he truly met his match in Paul Ryan because Ryan proved himself to be an equal on the intellectual playing field. All those years of praise and law reviews, Columbia, Harvard, the media hyping you as the most intellectual profound man to run for president in history, a once in a generation leader who could do no wrong because his great gifts were as such that he could easily prevail. And here comes a guy with this widow’s peak, this blue eyed man who looks like Donna Reed’s paper boy, and he’s exposing every aspect of the president’s chief legislative accomplishment and exposing the president as a sort of intellectual fraud at the same time.

President Obama you get the sense didn’t anticipate much of an even challenge on the intelligence front. Sure there are a lot of smart guys in Washington but Paul Ryan was really the first to openly and aggressively oblige Mr. Obama in that regard.

The fact that Paul Ryan is on the bottom of the ticket as the VP, and the president wants no part of him still, should tell you how intimidated he is. Romney with all due respect is not someone who keeps you up at night prior to a debate. Romney is your standard follow the guidelines debater whose skills are a bit overrated in my view. I also think Mr. Obama is one of the most overrated debaters I’ve seen since I started watching presidential debates five years ago. He like Romney is a talking points debater. He can follow the guidelines and stay on message for the most part. I don’t think Paul Ryan debates from a set of prepared talking points from a political campaign. I think Paul Ryan shows up with his facts and his platform laid out by memory and he goes from there. And I gotta tell ya Joe Biden might as well call in sick you know? I mean Palin mopped the floor with Biden, Paul Ryan is about to be charged as a war criminal for the number of bombs he’s gonna drop on old Joe. This is just utter cruelty to senior citizens folks, Joe Biden has no chance in Hades when he debates Paul Ryan. The Obama camp should not allow this to happen in public I mean truly. This will be the most one sided, embarrassingly lopsided debate where one man has an embarrassment of intellectual riches, with a side of facts while the other is just…I mean Joe Biden. You know if he can’t plagiarize he has no shot. They should develop an exit strategy where the minute Joe is losing badly he starts convulsing and then curses uncontrollably and his face gets all red and his hair plugs start popping like a bad fuse, then they stop the debate. Problem solved.