For as far back post-Reconstruction and Civil Rights era, the predominately white Democrat party and their predominately white leadership has always had this blurry line relationship with the African American community. They’ve always assumed, since they were the party of black people they could get away with saying whatever they wanted to and around black people. You notice when Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and other white faces in the Democrat Party give speeches at black churches or to the NAACP their voices start to change. I’ve never heard so many northeastern white Democrats speak with such a perfect southern accent but apparently all white Democrats from the whitest of white northeastern sections of the country can flip on their black southern accent as easily as flipping on a light switch. Joe Biden’s “Put ya’ll back in chains” comment was the latest example of a sort of awkward alliance between stick up the butt older white males who come from areas of the country where you have at most maybe one or two black people living there, and an entire community of people who act, talk, and in many ways have experienced different things than Joe Biden and his ilk. His comments were a desperate attempt, among many well documented attempts to connect with said community. Democrats have long been the ones who seek this sort of racial approval from black folks. They’re constantly trying to show black Americans that “Hey, I’m one of the good ones, I’m down with you.”


Truth is most white liberals don’t know what the average black man or woman goes through because surprise, they aren’t black. My conservative friends on Red State who are white don’t know what it’s like to be me because they probably had a different experience growing up than I did, especially the older ones. There are facts and realities that the left seek to ignore and one of them is this: “We’re not the same”. Just because you belong to a political party or you’re liberal doesn’t mean you understand an entire group. What makes this even more amusing is that you have these high society Manhattan liberals trying to push this idea that they represent black America and in some cases they want you to think they represent black American better than a black conservative would. When you have Lawrence O’Donnell, one of the whitest guys God ever created questioning and suggesting that Herman Cain, a man who is not only black but grew up during the heart of the Civil Rights era somehow lacks credibility when it comes to issues effecting black Americans because get this, Mr. Cain didn’t participate in the sit-in protests in the south during the 1960s. So what Mr. O’Donnell, the white bread Irish whitey whitest guy so white he’s almost transparent was saying through coded language was this: “Herman Cain is a traitor to his race because he didn’t protest during the Civil Rights era”.


Harry Reid can insult an entire race of people when he said “negro dialect” because well, he’s a Democrat and Democrats gave black folks government goodies so you know them folks owe us. “We gave them section 8 housing and welfare so they owe us.” That’s what Democrats really think when they go off and make these racially insensitive comments. They believe their party affiliation gives them license to say whatever they want because they believe black folks owe them. Its like, “Where they gonna go, to the Republican Party?” As long as black people continue to devalue their worth and not realize how powerful their voice can truly be, white Democrats in a majority white party with a majority white leadership will continue to act aloof and insensitive to the history of black people. When they own you, they know they can treat you anyway they want because they know you won’t travel far from the plantation now will you?

Harry Reid knew he wasn’t going to face much objection from black leaders because when he said those racist comments about President Obama not having a Negro dialect guess what happened? The NAACP, Al Sharpton and other prominent black Democrats didn’t condemn his words; they defended him and thus defended and signed off on what he said. They gave him a big thumbs up signifying: “Harry you can call us ignorant broken English speaking clowns because apparently we don’t mind being insulted” I guess Ben Jealous and the NAACP, Al Sharpton, and the Congressional Black Caucus knew which side their bread was buttered huh? And to think you know they really didn’t appreciate when Joe Wilson yelled “You lie” to President Obama during his State of the Union speech. That was racist but what Harry Reid said was fine and dandy. Allen West, a black man mind you, bringing Chick-Fil-A to the Congressional Black Caucus lunch, that was in poor taste but Harry Reid insulting an entire race of people, of which those same members belong, that was no big deal and in fact approved of.

No, Joe Biden’s not losing his mind or showing signs of age, he’s merely showing the true stripes of the Democrat Party. The party that gave us those ads claiming Republicans wanted to lynch black folks, the party that accused Republicans of wanting to reinstitute Jim Crowe laws. The same party that warmly embraces Bill Maher and his million dollar donations after he referred to the Republican Party as a party of quote, “Apes”. Problem is the GOP has an awful lot of elected members and supporters who are black Americans; I wonder if Mr. Maher includes them in his description.

Yet even after all of this the Republican Party has a race problem don’t you know. Even though we elected more minorities in 2010 than the Democrats, we continue to see an increase of minorities running for office as Republicans, the party is more diverse now than ever before, none of that stuff matters because reality doesn’t matter. The Democrat Party is almost as white in terms of its core base, donor roll, and leadership positions as the Republican Party but hey none of that matters; because it’s about what they say it is and not what your eyes tell you it is. But I could be wrong about the Joe Biden thing, but just in case I am wrong, why don’t we ask Doug Wilder.