You know politics is a funny thing. Here you have Todd Akin and his comments about legitimate rape versus I guess illegitimate rape and this firestorm, of which I called manufactured because it is, even if the comments themselves by Congressman Akin were genuinely misguided and in such bad timing; you can’t tell me the outrage from the Democrats and the media was sincere. By the way despite calls for him to drop out by some in his own party Todd Akin leads Claire McCaskill 44-43. Furthermore 54% of Missouri voters want him to drop out. I take it my fellow Missourians are struggling with the question of: “Is my level of disdain for Claire McCaskill greater than my disgust for Todd Akin’s views on rape?”

Now we’re hearing Democrats want this fight over abortion and what constitutes proper use of such a divisive procedure. Apparently they’re going to add “Women’s Health” aka abortion on demand regardless of the consequences to their DNC platform for 2012 alongside same-sex marriage. What next? “The Pornography Agenda”? Why not drop the poll tested campaign slogans and just run on immorality? 

I mean, isn’t that at the core of what they’re offering the nation? Same sex marriage immoral to a lot of people, abortion, murder and immoral to a majority of the country according to polls. So why set yourself up to be exposed for what you truly are and what you truly believe? It seems Democrats are abandoning the old lesson of Politics 101 and instead of running to the center in the general they must feel they have a good chance of winning with their true leftist agenda.

Well, I say let them run all the way to the left and we’ll gladly provide the rope for which to hang themselves.

Now, when it comes to conception from rape I tend to side with reason in this regard. The child conceived from rape is innocent; as innocent as the victim in many cases. Therefore I believe as a respecter of persons, because of my Christian faith, the child ought not be denied existence through means of which are no fault of the their own.

Now my friends on the left would soon eliminate Capital Punishment to preserve the life of the guilty yet when it comes to the life of the innocent the lines appear blurry or not at all. You can’t have it both ways as those on the right must accept they cannot have it both ways either. I for one oppose the death penalty as do I oppose abortion.

That’s not to say the guilty should go without paying for their crimes, or that are laws should not be taken seriously. I think in an advanced and civil society such as our own man ought not put another man to death.

Both sides need to address their hypocrisy.

And you know there is a very measured, dare I say moderate approach to abortion that stays true to Christian beliefs. We don’t need to turn rape into a political issue because that would only give further proof that our country is spiraling faster down the second rate toilet bowl than original anticipated. Rape isn’t something you just up and talk about like you’re talking about your favorite sports team. “Oh yeah how bout them rapes? Boy they can sure use a starting pitcher and a closer huh?”

Remember when Republicans were the adults? Remember when Republicans could be conservative and sane at the same time? The lack of real adults in the Republican Party should be a cause for great concern. Look, I don’t want weird creepy folk in a party that i vote for. I may not be an official card carrying member of the GOP but I vote Republican, and I like my candidates Christian, conservative, and chemically balanced.

This doesn’t mean we run to the moderates like Jeb Bush and those guys. We don’t need irrelevant has beens like Joe Scarborough lecturing us when he has no impact whatsoever in the movement. But he’s right when he says the Republican Party is getting a little too extreme these days.

I don’t know what Mr. Akin said I just know what he was talking about and you know a man shouldn’t talk about rape unless he’s in law enforcement or a doctor. A congressman talking about rape just begs for controversy and well, he got it. I’m not going to call on Todd Akin to kick rocks because it’s not my place to do so nor is it the place of any GOP operative or pundit to demand he exit stage right (See what I did there?)

But you know again look, I’m, you can ask anybody who knows me, be it my family members, my friends, they’ll tell you I’m the most conservative person living today. If had a voting record it would have not one liberal vote on that mug. But I am reasonable and I don’t believe reason and conservatism are in direct conflict of one another; quite the contrary in fact.

If I were in politics and I were being interviewed I wouldn’t bring up rape out of respect for victims. Rape not only affects millions of women in America everyday but it also affects millions of women around the world who unfortunately have no voice and no platform to fight back. In the Middle East often times the victim is more guilty than the rapist. This must come to an end but we don’t get there by having this short sided spats over tragedies for political gain.

Women’s issues are important and should be treated like any other issue concerning voters. But at the same time the issues affecting women affect men as well. Whether it’s economic security or job creation, women in America want the same kind of assurance and stability as their husbands, brothers, or boyfriends.

I don’t believe in focus group politics. Neither should you