The Democrats are in full blown damage control over a recent discovery of what wasn’t included in their DNC platform as oppose to what was included and touted on day 1 of their convention in Charlotte. Brett Baier of Fox News noticebly riled Democrat Senator Dick Durbin instantly and almost instinctively resorted to an indignatious tone when Baier asked him why the Democrats decided to leave God and Jerusalem out of the Democrat Party platform. Durbin tried to use the tired “Blame Fox News” tactics but Brett Baier was having none of that booty madness.

He continued to press the Illinois Senator who continued to dodge the question by responding to a question that wasn’t asked, and also accusing Brett of doing something he clearly was not doing. Even if you’re not a fan of Fox News anyone with ears, a brain, and two eyes could see that not once did Baier suggest or attempt to accuse Democrats of being anti-God or, as Durbin put it, “Godless people”. It seems however given Durbin’s defensive tone Democrats realize what they did: They screwed up big time.

I suppose their calculation is to abandon the center and instead campaigning on assumptions that the country has changed enough to where their views can be promoted as mainstream and the Republicans’ views be criticized as old fashioned and narrow. Problem is we still live in a country that is 78-80% Christian, 45% pro-life, and 40% conservative. Democrats and the left understand the room for movement is quite snug, so one can’t blame their radical response to the inevitable defeat in November.

But this issue of removing God and Jerusalem from their platform shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise given where the Democrat Party has moved over the last decade. They’ve gone from the party of reasonable liberalism and sort of left leaning religous representation to a full embrace of society’s more secular and sinful world view. The party of JFK, Truman, Clinton, and even Jimmy Carter now rests solely in the hands of the most anti-religious and anti-God power brokers and political constituents in the party’s long history.

When abortion on demand and homosexuality are among your chief platform priorities whilst ignoring God and the Jewish people you know there’s no going back to moderation and reason. My friends reason has left the building and is looking to hitch a ride out of Charlotte faster than the Hornets when they move to New Orleans.

But alas we know the name of the Democrats’ new “god”. This god they worship is like the God of the bible, all powerful, all knowing, all seeing, mighty, omnipresent. But unlike the one true God their god is flawed, absent minded, controlled by equally absent minded handlers, in debt, out of whack, increasingly mistrusted by the people, bloated, arrogant, corrupt, heartless, nosy, invasive, disfunctional, out of step, out of line, and perhaps out of time. Their god is nothing more than an idol slightly larger than the golden calf with twice the amount of bull-sh— well you get the picture.

When you look at the Democrat Party support system, whether it’s Planned Parenthood, the LGBT community, Hollywood, the music industry, the adult film industry, George Soros, it’s quite the search and rescue mission to find any remnants of the Almighty within this group of sinners, killers, and idolators. Last night Democrats proclaimed “We belong to government”. Listening to that reminds me of that verse from the bible, Psalm 135:15-20-( “The idols of the nations are silver and gold, made by the hands of men. They have mouths but cannot speak, they have eyes but cannt see, they have ears but cannot hear; nor is their breath in their mouths. Those who make them will be like them, and so will all who trust in them. House of Israel Praise the Lord, O house of Aaron Praise the Lord. House of Levi Praise the Lord, you who fear him Praise the Lord. Praise be to the Lord from Zion to him, who dwells in Jerusalem; Praise the Lord.”)

Let them keep their idols of government and abortion, their idols of secular belief and sinful lifestyle. Some might find my words to be bigoted, maybe a bit radical but if it were a choice between appeasing the world which knows not my father nor his son this so be it, I choose to be with the father and the son until the end. I always knew Democrats were the party more apted to offering safe harbor to those who wish to express public hatred of God but I just didn’t think they would make it a political platform.

The world is indeed changing around us, this revelation of sorts puts the country’s future on a much larger scale beyond elections and campaigns. This is about the soul of a nation, literally.