Last night while I was watching the former president’s speech and listening to the reaction thereafter by a horny media stroking so much boner. By the way, between Bill Clinton’s speech last night and President Obama tonight, Chris Matthews is gonna blast a crater through his shorts and possible poke a few eyes out in Charlotte.

But back to what I was thinking about.  I was listening to the speech and thought to myself: “This guy is the most overrated politician I’ve ever seen”. Let me say it again, Bill Clinton is the most overrated president and politician of all time, no one comes close, not even President Obama. Everything about Bill Clinton in regards to his presidency is nothing short of fraudulent. The man would not be a second term president with this vaunted economic record had it not been for the Republicans led by Newt Gingrich. Think about it, if Bill Clinton was this unmatched political genius then how do his fans explain his first term as president? Compare his first term to that of say, Ronald Reagan’s and you tell me who the real unmatched genius really is, come on son.

As a matter of fact let’s say the Republicans never take the House and Senate in 1994. Would we be talking about Bill Clinton the global superstar political mastermind who had this gold standard economic resume? Or would we speak of him as just another one term Democrat president of the last 35 years?

Bill Clinton is the ultimate system quarterback. I’ve said this time and time again, the parts and “players” aka the Republicans around him made him, not his play on the field if you will. He reminds me of Steve Young, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback. You know one must ask where Steve Young would be today had it not been for a little known receiver turned greatest of all time from Mississippi Valley State named Jerry Rice. Sure it’s easy to say Young was a great quarterback, as it is to say Bill Clinton was a great president but take away their supporting cast and history might say otherwise.

Some folks tell me well, Magic and Bird were surrounded by hall of fame players and they’re two of the greatest all time. True, but we know Magic Johnson and Larry Bird would have been great regardless of their supporting cast, the same cannot be said of Steve Young and certainly not of Bill Clinton.

Basically Clinton should get positive marks for being a good manager but not for being the sole reason why the 90s were such quote “good times”. Again, all you have to do is consider the opposite outcome had Republicans not experienced a landslide victory in 1994. Who pushed Bill Clinton on Welfare Reform? You think Bill Clinton suddenly had this revelation one night and declared the following day: “The era of big government is over?” He was a moderate sure but you think he would have made such a statement that contrasts the very core of his own party had the Democrats maintained power after the ’94 midterm election?

This sudden rush to elevate the “Big Dog” above his peers is criminally moronic and of dishonest historical context. Ronald Reagan by all accounts had a more successful two term presidency than Bill Clinton. Reagan’s impact is greater, his economic record far outshines that of Bill Clinton and most importantly Ronald Reagan meant a lot more to history than Bill Clinton. Tell me, where are the lasting symbols of the Clinton presidency? We know where to find Reagan’s, in a united Europe, and a defeated Soviet Union. Ronald Reagan freed the American individual spirit from the prison of government dictated achievement and self inflicted mediocrity, while literally freeing millions frozen in time behind the Iron Curtain.

History doesn’t remember Bill Clinton as a transcendent president but an adulterer in chief who was impeached and countless jokes related to his transgressions soon followed. Fact is Bill Clinton was an opportunistic, deceitful, two faced political contortionist who smartly took advantage of his reality, by making it into an alternate reality.

Reagan on the other hand laid the foundation for freedom in the 20th century. His ideas and his leadership defined an era of uncertain fate and mutually assured destruction by eliminating the thought of either from the minds of people around the world.

Republicans have fallen for the ploy and embrace Clinton as though they liked him all along. They only like Bill Clinton because they despise President Obama more.

I don’t know, maybe it’s the outside Washington thing or being 25 that prevents me from experiencing the euphoric and trance inducing aura that is the “Bill Clinton Experience”, to which I say a proud: Thank God.