The Middle East is burning all around them, Iran wants to make them into a crap stain on the map of the world, Mr. Obama has ignored the urgency in their voice for an assured and peaceful existence, and it’s all Benjamin Netanyahu’s fault…oh and Terry Jones.

Mike Barnicle on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC aka NBC News aka “No one within a thousand miles of our voices know we’re talking” posed a question to Joe Klein the bearded balding dwarf of Time Magazine and weird maybe alcohol influenced confrontation with Glen Beck fame on who was a more dangerous player on the world stage between Ben Netanyahu or the Supreme Pizza leader of Iran. Off camera you heard a voice say to Klein, “Don’t answer that”, and rightfully so.

Mike Barnicle is a short, snaggle tooth, crusty white guy from Massachusetts. I gotta tell ya I’ve never been a fan of folks who come from New England because I can’t stand the sound of that goofy accent,  (“wicked, friggin awesome”) Man I can’t stand that accent. I actually can’t stand people from Boston in general. I’m tired of hearing how “wicked awesome” the Red Sox are. The only human being I’ve ever liked and genuinely respect as a fan that comes from that part of the country is “Irish” Micky Ward from Lowell, Mass.

The question was so outrageously offensive I cannot believe he actually got away with asking it. But I’m not too surprised because after all the media has never liked Ben Netanyahu and were openly rooting for his opponent when he was running for Prime Minister. They especially don’t like him because he doesn’t like President Obama on a personal level. The media feels Prime Minister Netanyahu is war mongering bully who doesn’t know when to shut up and take orders. They don’t like that his priorities are out of step with the President’s priorities. Mr. Netanyahu’s priority involves the assurance that Israel make it to the new year, Mr. Obama’s priorities revolve around getting reelected.

The media blames Mr. Netanyahu for stepping on the President’s toes but you can’t blame him for wanting to prevent certain destruction and you know, wanting his people to live and not perish? But I truly believe the media isn’t convinced of the danger Iran poses to Israel. If they are, they probably believe Israel brought it on themselves because of all their Zionist imperialist policies toward those poor Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

And then to top it all off, and as if he couldn’t have exposed his stupidity even more, he suggested that no name handle bar mustache rocking, pompadour having, old, crusty, fumble teeth Terry Jones be considered an accessory to murder because of what went down in Egypt and Libya this week. Terry Jones burning Korans….even though he decided not to go through with his Burn a Koran Day event that garnered so much attention, somehow an event that never happened two years ago is cause for Pastor Jones’ crusty behind to be charged as an accessory to the tragic murder of a United States ambassador and several diplomats? Then Barnicle butt suggested we have blasphemy laws.

If you gotta nut cracker fruit bat spouting off these nut cake ideas and making all these comments like your drunken uncle at a cookout, man you gotta step in Joe Scarborough and Mika and you gotta silence that half brain glue sniffer.

As Mark Levin pointed last night on his radio show, Mike Barnicle unknowingly pushed for the idea of Sharia Law. You see in most Islamic countries you’re forbidden to criticize Islam. Sharia law states for you not to criticize Islam. This dumb a** done sniffed way too much cans of spray paint and needs to be euthanized.