The ongoing turmoil in the Middle East highlights a reality deficit within the United States, particularly the Beltway and the Middle East itself. If you listen to the media, Democrats, our president, and their loyal voting base, all is well on the issue of national security and foreign policy because President Obama killed Osama Bin Laden and by the way he’s used more drone strikes to kill terrorists than any president in history.

Is it me or whenever someone raises questions about what the Obama administration hasn’t done or hasn’t done effectively, their allies in the media and within their own party counter those concerns and criticisms with, “President Obama has done “X” more than any president in history.” We’ve heard this rapid rebuttal on issues of immigration and the border, oil production and energy, taxes, and national security in the area of counter terrorism.

It’s an often readily generated over exaggeration used to deflect reality by twisting said reality into something that isn’t so. Therefore grounds have been laid by the media, Democrats, and Mr. Obama that says to Republicans, “Don’t go there, we own national security and we’ll beat you if you try to make it about exactly that.”

But is the issue of foreign policy a door that remains closed because of one Bin Laden’s death? Or does the issue of the administration’s tendency to overestimate their need to flex their muscle for political purposes in regards to killing more terrorists rather than gathering intelligence that would help solve the larger issue of global Islamic terrorism leave a slight crack in the door for Mitt Romney to effectively expose a perceived and quite frankly over hyped so called, “strength” of Mr. Obama?

So far the media has done an effective job in not only glossing over this crisis and how it could damage the president but they’ve also done an effective job convincing uninformed voters, that somehow because Osama Bin Laden is dead the world is a safer place; far safer than the eight years proceeding it.

I believe the United States has made an error in judgement when we decided to focus solely on groups of terrorists, cells, and those who help them, instead of creating a larger foreign policy doctrine that focuses on nations and their leaders rather than rogue terrorist groups within those nations.

While we have Al-Qaeda on the ropes, we’ve taken our eye off Russia, China,  Iran, Syria, and their strong and building ties to nations within our hemisphere that are sympathetic to their views and ultimate intentions.

I don’t care how decimated Al Qaeda in the Middle East is, Hezbollah in Mexico sounds a lot more urgent a matter and a lot more concerning than terrorist groups in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya. For what does it give comfort to knowing our president is killing terrorists within the borders of Pakistan if terrorists in Mexico are trying to exploit borders within the United States?

And for how long, god forbid do we have to sit around pretending that our focus is needed halfway around the world when our focus should shift to that space occupied and lawless between Texas and Mexico before a tragic event like 9-11 happens in Dallas, or Houston, or any other major city in the west or southwest?

We already know Iran is using Hezbollah operatives to attack targets within the US and yet we turn a blind eye to the situation because Mr. Obama, for whatever reason unknown to me at the moment is truly intimidated by Iran.

Go back to 2009 in a situation made for President Obama to have a genuine “Reagan” moment. Protesters throughout Iran were calling for the American government to stand in solidarity with them against the Fascist leadership in their country. Instead President Obama tap danced around the issue and essentially ignored their cries for freedom.

I learned two things growing up, one, my dad always said never be a follower, be a leader. And two, if you stand up to a bully, the bully will not only stand down but you’ll gave gained his respect. A bully is basically someone who knows they can run wild because no one will stand up to them. Iran is a bully running wild because no one will stand up, China is bullying Taiwan and moving warships near disputed islands close to Japan, because no one will stand up, Russia supplied Syria with the weapons Assad used on his own people, the Kremlin is rebuilding the old Soviet Union and the Military because no one will stand up.

SO they can talk about, “All is well because Bin Laden is dead”, but what does that matter? That’s like when they say GM is alive so the economy is better off than eight years ago. Okay so let’s use their logic to effect, GM is alive yet their sales are down, GM is alive and yet 23 million people are out of work. GM is alive and yet the American workforce is dying, GM is alive and yet the economy grew 1.7% while China’s economy probably grew five times that this year.

Osama Bin Laden is dead yet Iran test fired missiles earlier this year, Assad in Syria waged war on his own people, Russia and China are establishing themselves as not only economic enemies but strategic and geopolitical thorns in the side of the United States and our allies in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Russia is but a mere shadow of it’s former Soviet military might and global expansive power and yet they were able to get President Obama to scrap missile defense capability in Poland. You wonder why the government of Poland openly endorsed Mitt Romney during his trip abroad?

Our allies see what loyal Democrat voters, many uninformed voters who are basically keeping Mr. Obama ahead in this race, the media, and the Democrat Party fail to see about this president. Our allies know he’s not respected by adversaries and they know he’s essentially relinquished their interests while at the same time slowly but surely relinquishing the interests and influence of the United States.

But, I fear we’ll reelect him, and reap what we sow which is the very same thing we’re going through now. If the United States has given up on freedom then can we honestly expect Arabs in the Middle East or others around the world not to follow suit?

Bin Laden is dead, but does that really matter a great deal at this point? You know I can almost imagine President Obama standing in front of a mirror like Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights and in the midst of chaos in the Middle East saying to himself, “Everything is fine, Bin Laden is dead, you got this, you killed Bin Laden, everything’s just fine.”

No Mr. Obama, everything’s not fine. The Middle East burned before Bin Laden’s death, it burns after his death, unfortunately.