I’ve gained a lot of respect for Mitt Romney because he’s showing us just how bad he is at playing the political game. It’s becoming increasingly clear that this man is as politically inept as I’ve ever seen before. And you know what? I like it. I like that Mitt Romney tells the truth in so called “secret” tapes secretly recorded on secret camera phones. I like that he spoke honestly about the turmoil going on in the Middle East.

Having said all of that I’ve come to this conclusion: I would rather have Mitt Romney lose the election for telling the truth, than win the election on lies. I’m content with that because I’ve always been one who views politics and politicians as vile, forked tongue car salesmen who would soon sell their own mothers into sex slavery if it meant winning a particular political office.

President Obama with all due respect to the office, has lied throughout his entire first term. He lies so such and without consequence, even when the lies are debunked as such by the media of all people, he continues to lie as if they weren’t never torn down by fact checkers. The president is allowed to lie because Mitt Romney told the truth.

47% of those supporting Mr. Obama do so because they have been conditioned to vote a certain way based on entitlements, an entitlement mentality, and misinformation. What exactly makes my comments just now any different than what Mr. Romney said in this secret underground leaked video clip?

If this ain’t Romney’s “Welfare Queens” moment then I don’t know what is. Of course, I was born seven years after the 1980 campaign but still, I’ve done my research and well, I’ve seen this movie before.

But more disheartening to me is not the comments but the fact that the truth of the statement is under attack by the media. Let me say this, whores are women who sell their bodies for next to nothing; replace “women” with “media” and you couldn’t tell the difference in my view. The media has become a machine whose sole objective is to reelect an idol, rather than to protect the public from potential encroachments of federal powers.

Think about what I just said, the media has a duty to protect citizens from those in power who might abuse authority and violate the constitution. Instead the media protect the ones or one in power from the people.

Did you know the media gave the Obama administration the power to veto their news stories if they didn’t line up with the administration’s agenda or if the news stories criticized the president? This wasn’t forced upon them like we see in Venezuela or some other backward totalitarian regime; the media willingly offered this power to the administration.

These people sold themselves out, they sold you and I out for a chance to reelect an idol. President Obama is their god, truly. They believe in him as a god because he is the center figure of their religion which is liberalism. So I want you to know that your right to know the truth about our government from now and for years to come was sold down the river like an African slave in the new world.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney just lost the election because he spoke truth to power about 47% of the country who refuse to wake up and smell the government funded roses. 47% of the country who believe life is hard, the deck is stacked, I’ll settle for a Welfare check and some “gumment chee”

Their lives revolve around an alternate reality where government is their source. I can’t get mad at President Obama because he’s simply doing what most politicians would do; take advantage of the 47%. Conservatives are missing the point about harboring so much animosity toward Mr. Obama because he’s just doing what a politician is supposed to do. See conservatives get mad because he lies, when really they need to focus on the people voting for him.

Why you getting mad at him when he’s doing his job. A politician’s job is to lie as many times as they can for as long as they can without getting caught. See for me it’s easy as pie not to get mad at politicians because I have no respect for the personality of a politician.

Where else in the world is it politically astute to lie and politically inept to be honest? Only in America.

Herman Cain said black people have been brainwashed by Democrats, he was called an Uncle Tom and a house nigg*r, Richard Blumenthal lied about his service during the Vietnam war, he becomes the new Senator from Connecticut. Lying gets you everywhere in politics when you’re in America because Americans want to be lied to, even though they say they want politicians to tell them the truth. Elizabeth Warren, the fake Indian, tells people she’s full blood Cherokee and a member of the Cherokee Nation, was found out to be a liar, she leads Scott Brown by four points in Massachusetts; liars. Liars, that’s all they are, and the people let them get away with it. Ted Kennedy got away with murder, JFK  ran loose on his wife, which was well documented, the Kennedy’s are somehow the model for political class and upright integrity.

Name me one instance where JFK wasn’t a two timing dog, and I’ll give you a million dollars. Bill Clinton, cheated on his wife, fooling around with some nasty fat ugly intern in the oval office. By the way, Monica’s trying to get a book deal; just throwing that out there. Monica went above the call of duty by giving Bill some booty in the White House.

I mean Bill Clinton is just dirty, got his caveman slime all on her dress, then they parade around with the dress at these press briefings, the man is a filthy buzzard. But, the media calls him “President of the World” for his global initiative. So why should I lower my standards and why should you raise yours? Ya’ll the one who like voting in sex fiends and liars, not me.

I didn’t vote for that little creep in New York Anthony Weiner. The man was sending pictures on Twitter to an 18 year old college student, and the pictures were of him masturbating and flexing his imaginary muscles. How you gonna have the body of an 80 year old man and have muscles?

I’m 25 years old, I’ve only voted once in my life. I don’t just vote for anybody nor do I just vote because Republicans are on the ballot. 2008 was the first time I’ve ever voted and I did so because of Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin was the only Christian in the race at the time. See, I don’t vote because I don’t think it’s not important, I don’t vote because I think it’s very important, therefore I won’t just vote for any old body because they’re Democrats or Republicans. I have standards or I won’t vote at all.

If President Obama is reelected I don’t really care anymore because American will have gotten what she deserves, and what she really wanted all along. Why should I feel an urgent need to vote him out when others don’t feel the same? if they don’t receive it, they won’t accept reality. I can tell them about Jesus, about salvation, about true source of stability but if they continue to put their lives and their future in the hands of these liars in public office who exploit their misfortune and fear, then what’s the point?

Stay Classy America, let liars and exploiters control how you think. I’ll be praying for you when the second term begins. God almighty knows you’re going to need it because the way things are looking at home and abroad, America doesn’t have much time left.