When Mitt Romney spoke about the 47% of Americans who depend on government, view themselves as victims and carry themselves in a manner that would suggest as much, he said they would vote for the president no matter what because they were only focused on the government taking care of them and keeping that system in place.

While some in the media argue over the comments as a whole, and some argue over Mitt’s use of the word “victim”, I say Mr. Romney gave the American people entirely too much credit by saying it was only 47%. I believe it’s more like 55% and growing. You see, entitlement can mean more than just government programs, “entitlement” means expecting something based on self interest or a false sense of privilege. Illegal immigrants are of the mind that they’re entitled to opportunities in America regardless of the laws which state they cannot enter the country illegally. Young people believe their entitled to free tuition just because they’re going to college. African Americans believe they’re entitled to special treatment from President Obama just because he shares the same skin color.

The only members of our society who are entitled to anything are children, seniors, our soldiers, law enforcement, emergency personnel, firefighters, and the church.

Think about it, what group outside the ones I named offer more to society? Seniors sacrificed so that we could have a better country than the one they inherited from their predecessor, law enforcement keeps our cities and towns safe, firefighters risk their lives to save others, soldiers risk lives to protect our freedoms, the church lifts up communities and contributes in ways government cannot, emergency personnel made sure that ambulance got you to the hospital in time when you had that heart attack, and our children connect the bridge to America’s future.

We should never sacrifice the future of our children for OUR present. In 2008 that’s exactly what we did when we decided we were going to buy homes we couldn’t afford and run up all this credit card debt. We wanted that house for 350,000 yet we only made 7.25 an hour flipping patties at Burger King.

You have people talking about health care is a right, health care ain’t no right. The only ones who deserve free health care are the elderly, soldiers, and children. Your son walking around on your health care plan and he’s 28 years old; what kind of mess is that? If your son is able bodied and can work a 9-5 he has no business trying to piggy back on your health care plan and he’s almost 30. That boy is a loser no matter how you wanna cut it.

Then when you say that people call you insensitive and out of touch. No it ain’t no  out of touch, it’s telling it like it is. I’m 25 years old, 6’0, 167 pounds, been an athlete my whole life, able body, why on earth would I want to be on my mother’s health care plan when I should be getting my own? I’m trying to get a job so I can buy my own health care. I don’t want my mother paying for me like I’m some 5 year old. I’m a man now, I have to stand and do what men are suppose to do.

I see it all the time, these young guys walking around wanna act like men but they’re living with their mothers. They down in the basement playing Xbox with a “Knock First” sign on the door. Man if I were their parents I would burn that whole room down. Talk about knock first, how are you gonna tell me to knock in my house? I’ll knock you upside your head.

Sick and tired of this stuff. When I first heard about the comments I wasn’t mad at what he said. Folks mad because he put them on front street about their lives. See in America we don’t like to hear that we aren’t living right because then that means we need to change and Americans don’t like change. J.C. Watts talked about Americans being creatures of habit and today proves it.

I almost hope President Obama gets reelected and that he keeps on doing what he’s been doing. America might need another lesson because obviously 2008 wasn’t enough. We still got our dunce cap on it seems. A lot of people in this country don’t want to wake up and realize that expectations ought to mean a more purposeful and prosperous life not an entitled one. You shouldn’t expect the government to do everything when you can drive, walk, or run your butt someone to get a job.

I’m telling you, and my parents told me and my siblings this on the regular growing up: there’s nothing better than having your own money to spend. Going to some office dealing with some woman who got an attitude just to have her hand you a check for 200 dollars every month is no way to live in my view. What little dignity in having to stand in line to get a hand out from a government that only knows you exist because they have your social security number.

But going to a bank to cash a check after a hard week at a job you might hate, boy I tell you the feeling is like you struck the lotto.

We need to teach young people to aim higher than what some middle aged coffee sucking college professor tells them. These occupy protesters man these white kids from the suburbs, they’re parents paid for all their junk. Every last one of them parents paid their way. Parents probably drove them to the occupy protest sight. They whine and stomp around talking about they have a right to a living wage and free college tuition. Let me be real to those misguided souls out there. You don’t have a right to anything. As a matter of fact you didn’t have a right to wake up this morning but the good Lord allowed it now didn’t he?

You didn’t have the right to get home safe without incident but the almighty allowed it huh?

I don’t want to hear about rights or fairness because in America we’re allowed too many things, and have taken for granted those things as a result. Conservatives say we deserve better than President Obama as if to say we’re being unfairly treated. We don’t deserve better because we’re not willing to change. We want the person in the oval office to change before we change ourselves. It doesn’t work that way guys, we need to change before we start expecting better.

That’s all I have to say about this. I defended Romney because I thought he hit the nail on the head.