The Romney campaign once and for all satisfied the yelping hunger of the media, Harry Reid, and liberals everywhere today by releasing more tax returns. According to the details, which really are void of any real details to be honest, the returns showed in large part the Mr. and Mrs. Romney gave nearly 30% of their income to charity, which is higher than the President and the First Lady who gave 21%. Joe Biden gave so little to charity I don’t even remember the percentage it was so minuscule.

But what stood out to me weren’t the numbers or percentages, but the narrative it gave to Mitt Romney and how it potentially debunks this “Gordon Gecko” caricature created by the media.

Mitt Romney for the most part is a caring, wealthy man who likes to give his money to noble causes. But, such causes well, you know in the eyes of the liberal, and for the sake of feeding crow to the doggy under the table, not surprisingly they took to Politico’s website where the story was featured on the front page, and they tried their darn best to explain away and diminish Mitt Romney’s not so cold, heartless, greedy true self.

Some comments read, “Well giving to the Mormon church doesn’t count as charity”, or “The Romney’s grew up with wealth so it doesn’t change things”. There were also a few comments going after the Mormon religion calling it a cult and trying to smear millions of people in order to wave off Mitt Romney’s tax return non revelation

Look, the man wasn’t hiding any secret bank accounts or secret oil deals or secret files to another top secret account owned by a secret society in Utah. He pays his taxes, over pays in fact, gives a lot to charity, his church, and keeps the rest. No smoking gun, no bombshell, or any other weapon related metaphor to describe the “elusive” Romney tax returns. Although I imagine these two scenarios taking place: A.: The media will ignore the fact that he gives more to charity than Mr. Obama because by ignoring those facts it won’t damage the president’s chief argument which is class warfare and Mitt Romney being out of touch and a fat cat evil rich monger. Or B.: The media will try and find something, anything within those tax returns to hit Mr. Romney over the head.

Give it up, the man’s an all around guy, just deal with it. Why is it such an obsessive desire for the media to paint Romney as Ebeneezer Scrooge? I mean  know why but is that all they’re about?

Oh and for those liberals who believe giving to churches don’t count as real charitable giving let me educate you: When folks give money to their churches the church can in turn provide services to the community be it food for the homeless, shelters for battered women, bibles for the lost, youth programs, missionary work around the world, and vital tools that maintain the functionality of the church it self. So yeah, it means something when folks give to the Lord’s house.

The reason why liberals don’t consider giving to churches real charitable giving is because most liberals don’t go to church or practice religion other than idol worship. You can keep your flawed men deities and golden government calf, I’ll stick with the Son of Man.