What if people from other countries could vote in our upcoming presidential election? If they could who would they vote for? In 2008 I would tell you they would vote for President Obama and in droves, I would have been correct. However in 2012, I’m not so sure that would be the case.

You see, while one could argue Mr. Obama has drastically handicapped the United States on a domestic level, you could also argue that he’s put the world in a bind in general. At the same time America’s been lacking clear and competent leadership, so too has the world been lacking a strong and steady voice in the form of American influence and reasonable power.

Instead what we’ve been getting is a mixture of pathetic pandering, an overuse of Drone attacks that result in the death of thousands of innocent people in Pakistan and Afghanistan, noodle kneed views on American values in relation to the rest of the world, constant apologies, and a refusal to confront, contest, and combat not only Iran’s deadly obsession with an Israeli nuclear holiday, but the Obama administration without much consideration of the consequences turned their back on freedom fighters in Tehran and uses ear plugs to blot out the feverish cries for help when hundreds of citizens protested in the city streets.

This is a hard truth to accept, our president, no matter how much respect I have for the office, no matter how not personal my attacks on Mr. Obama have been as of late, truth is he’s every bit as dangerous for the future of the world as he is the future of the United States.

Believe it or not, it’s your choice, the world appreciates a strong America. Sure they might not come out and say it, they even show antipathy at times for our role in global matters, but at the end of the day I’m willing to guess the world would rather turn to a strong country constitutional republic ie the United States, than a strong authoritarian country, like well, you can take your pick in that regard.

John Rambo himself, yes the Demolition Man, Mr. Expendable, Sylvester Stallone said it best, “Where would the world be without America?” That’s exactly right. Even more so, where is the world today without strong American leadership?

The entire world, or at least half of it in some form or another consists of hard line regimes from South America to Asia and  in between. However, it wasn’t suppose to be this way remember? Mr. Obama himself said once him being president would change the world. Actually, he’s right it did change the world, for the worse.

Folks in other countries might view Mr. Romney as a square stick up the hiney whitey, but for them the cosmetic appeal of President Obama no longer has that attractive pull it once had in 2008. Now they see him as an indecisive and apologetic paper tiger who at first glance appears to have a mean roar but when it comes down to it his roar sounds more like a kitten’s meow.

No matter how many times they spring, “We killed Bin Laden” on us, reality responds, “So, that’s one dangerous player on the world stage out of hundreds, what else you got?”

And in so doing reality would also ask, “Bin Laden is dead but is the world any safer?”

No it isn’t, drone strikes can’t settle global events, no matter how many times you strut to a podium during a press conference to brag about said drone strikes. Killing Bin Laden and several key Al Qaeda leaders didn’t impede their followers, it just emboldened them. If you don’t believe me ask Chris Stevens, oh right he’s dead.

The world is learning a valuable lesson, and one they can’t afford to learn again: Never think like an American when it comes to political figures because Americans usually vote based on the most superficial reasons known to man; such as whether or not they would have a beer with a candidate or whether the candidate would be better suited to handle an alien invasion than his opponent. That’s right world, the most important election of our lifetime will be determined on the basis of alien invasions, beer summits, and fist fights.