Is that true? You Romney supporters are convinced President Obama will likely win reelection? Wow, so all this talk I hear and the different articles I read on Red State and elsewhere, that stuff is lie? You speak with fork tongue as the Native Americans used to say? Out of one side of your mouth you give your support for the governor but out the other side you doubt he prevails next month?

So why don’t we just stop what we’re doing and go home, sit down and wait until President Obama wins in a landslide victory over this born loser Mormon who can’t win because he’s too rich, too stupid, too white, too conservative, too extreme, too Mormon, and too ineffective. By the way before I forget, the Democrats are going to win the House and maintain control of the Senate too so, just stop supporting down ballot candidates as well.

Here’s the deal, the media is purposely trying to push a narrative that the race is all but over because they know the more doubt they can create the less people want to come out and vote for a candidate they know will lose no matter what.

The media is a blob of lying, shameless, two face, vomit inducing whores that would soon bend over for the long stick if it meant saving President Obama who by the way hates them and has just as much contempt for them as conservatives do. In fact, that’s about the only thing that I can think of that conservatives and President Obama have in common.

No one can deny that the president is leading but to suggest he has a 7-9 point lead is just not accurate. Furthermore I don’t believe he’s leading Romney in North Carolina by two points when just last month Romney had a lead over the president in the Tar Heel state of about two or three points.

These polls are Kabuki theater and the media dances on them like Bunny at the Player’s Club.

The president didn’t ask for the free lap dance but he’ll take it since the media offered.

Something tells me they must feel pretty nervous about their internal polling. The media and the White House share internal polling data and I suspect it shows a lagging Dem turnout compared to Republicans turnout and enthusiasm. I know it sounds crazy but I’m not Alex Jones and this ain’t no conspiracy. I believe the media and the Obama reelection campaign share internal memos and data about the true state of the race. I believe the media cooks up polls like crack in the kitchen in order to suppress voter turnout.

Hey, what do you know, the left accuses Republicans of trying to suppress voter turnout through voter ID laws yet the media and the left are trying to suppress voter turnout by constantly citing distorted polls that show an unrealistic DEM turnout and an oversampling of Democrat voters. How bout that.

For those of you interested in how the media is sucking its way to the top of Obama’s “Naughty or nice” list, I advise you to check out Pat Cadell at the AIM conference where he gives his take on the media and how they’ve been handling or mishandling this entire campaign. If I spelled his last name wrong I apologize.