Every Time a presidential election year roles around pundits and the media class throw around this idea of “October Surprises”. These are events that sort of crop up either here or on an international level; but mainly international, that shift the tide of a close race in one direction or the other. For about a week or so I’ve been hearing the wise old media talk about October surprises that could potentially help or hurt President Obama.

No the video being released by Drudge, the Daily Caller, and Sean Hannity isn’t it. Nor was this October surprise the comments made by Mitt Romney about 47% of slacking couch potatoes. The real October surprise won’t come in October because it already happened last month. The real issue getting little coverage other than Fox News and some talk radio spots here and there was the recent political arrest of the filmmaker responsible for the anti-Islam movie “The Innocence of Muslims”.

Apparently the filmmaker was arrested due to a violation of his probation. But I, like many conservative radio hosts wondered why someone who merely violated their probation warranted five or so officers for their arrest? Is he a flight risk? Probably not, is he a danger to himself and to others? Certainly not. So why did they send so many law enforcement officers to arrest one little filmmaker as if this guy was 6’6 280 with a wrap sheet longer than a dinosaur’s tail? I mean it’s not like they were going after Richard Kuklinski.

If that wasn’t a head scratcher, the cops paraded him out for all the cameras and media to see while this filmmaker in cuffs, walked in the middle of them with a white towel wrapped around his face to shield his identity; as if no one could put two and two together as to who the guy was.

I’ve never been arrested nor have I ever been on probation, but I suspect that if one violated the latter, and has ever been the prior, the cops don’t wrap something around your head to conceal your identity.

What we have here is a political arrest based on someone’s freedom to offend a group of people who are sensitive to criticism. I can’t believe more people aren’t talking about this. President Obama and his administration just authorized through the screen of “Probation Violation” a political arrest and no one cares?

I’m a Christ follower and yes I get annoyed when people say things about Jesus or Christians in general. But if someone made a film offending Christians and the filmmaker was arrested for making such a film, and I knew somehow the federal government was involved in their arrest, even as a Christian I would fight and speak out for that person who got arrested. I love Christ, but I also value freedom; even the freedom to choose to be against him or for him.

Greg Gutfeld and the “Five” were right, no one in Hollywood is speaking out about this, and it’s scary because this guy was arrested for doing something folks in Hollywood get paid millions to do everyday. In America it’s perfectly reasonable for some weird Egyptian-American journalist to vandalize private property just because she can’t grasp the concept of freedom, which by the way I genuinely believe she cannot because she’s from Egypt; but it’s not okay for a man to truly exercise his freedom of speech in the form of a film critical of Islam?

The reporter said her spray painting the ad in the Subway was her form of peaceful protest, yet that filmmaker was trotted out like a show trial horse because he fundamentally understands the concept of free speech. Free speech is to have at your discretion the right to offend someone. The constitution protects that right because it’s much more important to protect our rights to choose whether or not we want to be jerks to each other, than it is to protect nice words and calm expressions.

By the way private citizens or companies are no longer allowed to place certain kinds of ads that might cause irrational or violent reactions by a group of people. AKA: No more posting privately funded ads about Muslims because they don’t understand the concept of free speech because most Muslims were raised and live in a society where free speech doesn’t exist; so please, appease their ignorance.

If I were Mitt Romney I would talk about this more. One thing that unites young people, at least most young people to your cause is the issue of whether or not they can be themselves. Young people no matter their ideology or party affiliation, when you ask them straight up, they value their own personal space and individuality more than anything else.

That’s how it is with all people really. Ask any far left liberal in a sound proof room if they would rather have government tell them what to do and you’d be surprise by their answer.


If this man was arrested on drug trafficking and bank fraud charges why did the police conceal his face? Something to consider. I know from watching documentaries on drug lords and killers when they get busted and brought in in front of media and cameras the cops don’t bother to even keep the person’s head down, much less wrap their face with a towel.

Also, if the administration and Ambassador Steven’s himself knew a planned attack was on the horizon why arrest the filmmaker if you’re not trying to make him the straw man for your political cover play?

We the people demand answers and if you’re a Christian, Jew, progressive, libertarian, or a conservative this is something we must get behind because this won’t end with Mr. Nakoula; he’s only the beginning.

The LA Times report says he was warned for misbehaving on the Internet. Since when was making a movie and releasing it on YouTube “misbehaving” on the Internet. In that case we should arrest every pornographer and everybody who posts rude and offensive material on the Internet.

The October surprises happened last month when the embassies were attacked and Ambassador Stevens along with others were killed and when a little known filmmaker was arrested for exercising his 1st Amendment right.